Batman The Animated Episode 48 What is Reality

The Riddler returns, for a dastardly plan to destroy Batman in a virtual reality game.

It is time to take a look at Batman the Animated Series Episode 48 What is Reality. In this episode, the Riddler returns with a new nefarious scheme to take down Batman. Batman the Animated Series Episode 48 What is Reality aired on November 24th 1992 on FOX.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 48 What is Reality


There were very few Riddler episodes, but as always, they were among the top of the series, as this episode will no doubt pan out, as we review it.

The Riddler is back and a huge part of scheme is erasing his past, as Edward Nygma. That is symbolic in a way, as he is throwing away that part of his life, to embrace the fact that he is the Riddler. The third Riddler episode had another intriguing bit of symbolism where the opposite was true, but we’ll get to that, when we get to that.

The other huge part of the scam is a virtual reality program that he created. As we known from the first Riddler episode, the Riddler has some mad programming skills. The program is a trap, as Commissioner Gordon is hooked to it, but Gordon is only the bait. The Riddler obviously is no match for Batman in the real world in a hand to hand battle, so he’s going to drag him into a virtual world, to destroy him once and for all.

The virtual world might not be considered anything special today, but for 1992, it was most certainly something that was unique. The game of wits between Batman and the Riddler was something that was rather wonderful to watch and Batman slowly figuring out how to manipulate the virtual world so the Riddler can pretty much defeat himself was a masterstroke by the Bat.

Riddler tried to focus a bit too much and as many may know, splitting your concentration many different ways is not going to work but the way the Riddler is going to do it is brutal. When Batman escapes the virtual world with Commissioner Gordon and the Riddler…well he’s seen better days. There goes another fun episode.

I’ll have to give this episode an 8.5/10, not as good as the first Riddler episode and not as good as the third, but still pretty solid. You can watch Batman the Animated Series Episode 48 What is Reality on Batman the Animated Series Volume 2 and Batman the Animated Series the Complete Collection.

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