“Baywatch” Star Triggers Twitter False Alarm From David Hasselhoff Marriage Proposal

Via Twitter sent old lifeguard David Hasselhoff a photo around the world that provided plenty of speculation. The smart Californians brought a recording of the hoped-for publicity. Frank Siering, Los Angeles.

Hayley Roberts and David Hasselhoff at the supposed marriage proposal

The picture looks promising: David Hasselhoff is kneeling on the windy Sydney Harbour Bridge in front of his girlfriend Hayley Roberts. He holds the hand of the Welsh and seems to make her marry him.

A little later, underlining the world’s most famous old lifeguard that assumption. He tweets: “Got it tries again on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.” After that, the editors came thick with messages about the 59-year-old American. “Hasselhoff gets married again,” “‘Baywatch’ lifeguard under the hood”, “She said yes.” Headlines whistled as immediate wedding gifts worldwide through the network.

It would be the third marriage for Hasselhoff. With wife number two, Pamela Bach, has always smiling ex-alcoholic with two children. But then just as quickly followed by disillusionment. Seeks to spread as “People Magazine” message, rowing “The Hoff” back. “No, there was no official request, we do not have any marriage plans,” said Hasselhoff against the tabloid.
Hasselhoff’s wedding wishes are no secret

Not yet. One thing is certain. “Baywatch” David is head over heels into his new girlfriend, whom he had met about a year ago in a television show in England, in love. “We have a fantastic time here in Down Under,” said Hasselhoff, who currently attends the TV show “Celebrity Apprentice Australia”.

Even his girlfriend seems to Roberts and away from the actor and singer. Your response to Hasselhoff’s Tweet was a bit cryptic, but lovingly meant – as she confirmed later told a local newspaper. “:)))) XXXXXXXX “tweeted the blonde, shy on the wrong engagement photo turns his head to one side.

Hasselhoff wants to get married at some point is no secret. After treatment for addiction is the “Baywatch” star, according to his own profession of faith today “fit and clean” and “enjoying life as a young bung in the spring,” as he says himself.
Hayley forever?

Have you ever cooked up the supposition that he had to marry his young girlfriend – stop – Roberts is 32 years old. And while vacationing in South Africa. However, they have given him a basket, because they wanted to meet “The Hoff” only better.

The age difference seems to be no problem for both. “I’ve talked about it with Hayley, but she makes no more like me,” said Hasselhoff. And how do we go with the couple? – Hasselhoff to “People”: “Who knows what they say in Wales: Cymru Am Byth.” Translation: “Wales Forever”. Or, in this case: Forever Hayley.

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