Is Kate Moss Right to Kick Piers Morgan?

Piers Morgan is up for another award, Egomaniac of the Year. Since he is judge, jury and the only voter – he’s won it. Right now he’s giving a series of interviews telling the world how wonderful he is and how terrible certain other people are. He says Kate Moss kicks him every time she sees him. Wonder why?

Piers Morgan has a CNN chat show which could only be called one thing. Piers Morgan Tonight because he is in love with himself and it’s on Tonight. For as long as it takes to reach the remote.

According to him all of Hollywood listens in every night and they’ve got him on speed dial so they can ring and say how wonderful it was. He also believes he looks like actor Colin Firth which must be very worrying for the star. You can imagine him getting him the phone to his agent and saying, “Can’t I sue him for that? It could cost me work.”

Morgan has said he won’t have Madonna on his show because she is boring and Lady Gaga is the big news now. Madonna replied that she’d never heard of Piers Morgan but she did like Lady Gaga.

As a journalist Morgan was hired by Rupert Murdock’s Sun to be the showbiz columnist and moved on to edit his Sunday tabloid, News of the World. All of that gave him the taste for life as a Celeb and his big mentor was Simon Cowell who made him a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and then America’s Got Talent.

There have been blots on Morgan’s press career. While he was editing the Daily Mirror in the UK he was censured for investing in a company he knew his two shares experts were going to recommend  in the paper. He was told he had breached guide lines but kept his job. It later emerged he had emptied his bank account to buy the shares and invested in his wife’s name.

But his big mistake which finally got him the sack was to fall for a hoax story in which he featured pictures of British soldiers abusing prisoners in Iraq. The pictures turned out to be fakes and the paper apologised but Morgan has trouble in acknowledging that he was taken in.

As a chat show host Morgan’s career has taken off in the US. He lives in some style in Beverly Hills with a pool, gazebo and his own British style pub.  

So with all that going for him why does Morgan take time out to abuse super model Kate Moss? In a press interview he said she was a “Spoilt little Madam. She’s just a vile little creature.”

Heavy stuff and as Kate Moss is famous for not giving interviews, she’s unlikely to reply. Perhaps the kicking she gave him was her answer! But the reason Morgan criticised her is - he knew it was a quote that would appear in headlines everywhere.

And when you’re Piers Morgan you can never get enough publicity.


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  1. hotspur says:

    Course she’s right!

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