Prison Break Star Tweener Talks About His Horror Experiences in Prison

After he became famous for playing David "Tweener" Apoloskis in Prison Break for two seasons, Lane Garrison got incarcerated for provoking a deadly crash.

Lane Garrison

After playing a character in prison, David ‘Tweener’ Apoloskis, he got to see how real life in prison is. And he said that it was almost exactly as prison life was in ‘Prison Break’ series. Garrison pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter, drunken driving and providing alchool to a teen in 2007, and was sentenced to 40 months in prison. In December, 2006, Lane crashed and killed a 17-year-old Beverly Hills High student, Vahagn Setian, a passenger in his car. Also, another two girls with the age of 15 were injured. At the time of the crash, he just made himself known as a rising star for playing ‘Tweener’ in Prison Break, a very popular, if not the most popular series at that time. He was released from jail in 2009, and he was taken by his family members back home. During his sentence, Garrison served in eight different prisons.

Recently, he told NBC’s Today show that being in jail was the worst experience of his life:

“If you speak to anyone who’s ever done time in prison, you’ll realize that if someone makes it out of there alive, it’s a miracle.”

“Prison is in your worst nightmares. All the hardcore gang members are there, and the guards are pretty hard there as well.”

“I probably saw about 300 fights; I had a cellmate who was killed; I saw people stabbed.”

“Waking up in a cell covered in ants and roaches. Being tortured and beaten by guards. I had nothing but four walls.”

“One of the things about jail that’s weird is that you’re sent to that place where you’re supposed to sit there and think about your actions and their consequences and why you’re there, trying to put yourself back on the right track. Now that I think about it, it turns more into – the minute you go there, it’s just about survival.”

“My nervous system was affected badly by what I lived in there. You’re desensitised by all that you’ve seen”

“And as an actor, prison was the worst thing for me. To be a good actor, you have to feel life, and observe life. And it felt like I came back from war.”

“It took me about a year to adapt, to hug someone, to be able to tell someone ‘I love you’. Or even to be able to hold a cup of coffee. Post-prison, I was jittery.”

Garrison is currently playing in the science-fiction drama “The Event”.

Lane Garrison playing David ‘Tweener’ Apoloskis (right) before his incarceration, with co-star Robert Knepper playing Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell (left)

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