Rupaul’s Drag Race: William’s End

William was recently let off the show for unknown reasons aside from breaking some kind of rule, what is the real deal here?

Rumors are swirling over the reasons William was disqualified from the show last Monday. Speculations have been drawn from a variety of sources. From the obviously untrue abortion statement, to use of estrogen, whatever the reason, we have come to know a few things.

William told entertainment weekly that she had an abortion, impossible, she does not have a uterus or ovaries. Please do not buy into this silly play by her. There’s so many cryptic answers from the source herself, makes you wonder.

On the show, we were not given a reason, so we look to tomorrow for answers if Ru or anyone is going to address it for the fans. Other ideas include that William, throwing up on the stage, was caused by estrogen injections. Apparently there is a rule on the show about using hormones to look more womanly or something in that nature.

Whatever the cause, this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is coming to an end, may the best woman win!

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