Sexy Cartoon Characters – Lois Griffin

Is Lois Griffin Sexy for cartoon character, think about it.

Lois Griffin – Oddly Attractive

For those of you who don’t know Lois Griffin is the long suffering wife of Peter Griffin from the hit animated show Family Guy.

For a cartoon character, Lois possesses a large lump of sexuality. She may seem like just a normal housewife, but you can see from her actions that she is all woman and likes to be treated that way.

She can be romantic, dirty or even slutty. She is a cartoon Milf. A character whom likes sex. Never has a female cartoon been so obviously sexual.

Not since the 1960’s and the emergence of Betty Rubble have male viewers felt a discomfort and the reluctance to admit sexual attraction to a cartoon.

I defy any man to watch Family Guy, and not think when Lois enters “I would”

She is more of a woman than any of the Hollywood elite, has more class than any royalty and you know she will do anything for her family, because that is what is really important in the world isn’t it, Family.

She may be a housewife, a little dowdy, downtrodden or even a cartoon,

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But if I met Lois Griffin….. I know I would.

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2 Responses to “Sexy Cartoon Characters – Lois Griffin”
  1. Erin Miller says:

    This made me laugh the whole way through. You are right about this character.

  2. This was pretty cool.

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