10 More Sexy Female Cartoon Characters

Here we will take a look at 10 more "sexy" female cartoon characters. Well, sexy in a hand-drawn, cartoonish kind of way! Just for fun of course.

After the sheer success of the first one – 10 Sexy Female Cartoon Characters – it was about time that the next part came out. So here it is, 10 more sexy female cartoon characters for your viewing pleasure.

April O’Neil

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April O’Neil was the female companion of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well when I say companion I mean she associated with them on their ‘missions’ rather than meaning it that way!


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Yep, the Little Mermaid herself. Although the fact she has no legs does raise certain questions, but there are ways round that.


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How cute is Gadget? lol She appeared in the Chip and Dale cartoon and really she was the only reason to watch such an awful cartoon.

Jane Jetson

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From the Jetsons, there is something quite appealing about Jane Jetson. Now if only she had a daughter a lot of people’s fantasies would be complete. Oh wait she did!

Judy Jetson

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Yep, Judy Jetson the daughter of Jane Jetson – she certainly inherited the good looks, fortunately she didn’t inherit the hair colour too! 

Lola Bunny

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Lola Bunny was (or at least really wanted to be) the beau of Bugs Bunny. This picture shows her in all her splendid beauty from the film Space Jam.

Princess Jasmine

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Disney really knows how to pencil in the beauty don’t they? The cartoons may be aimed at the children but they need to keep the parents entertained as well!


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It’s Supergirl, what else really needs said. You know you would and if you wouldn’t you would be in trouble from her. lol

Turanga Leela

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Don’t let the fact that she only has one eye put you off. Beauty is after-all in the eye of the beholder – literally in this case. lol


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Daphne may be the ‘real’ looker of the Scooby Doo gang but we all know that Velma is hot – and she has the brains too. Perfection!

If you missed the first part of this, here is the link to 10 Sexy Female Cartoon Characters

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6 Responses to “10 More Sexy Female Cartoon Characters”
  1. Gr8 share. I haven’t read your first part yet…Jetsons are my favorites.

  2. giftarist says:

    Interesting selection. They sure are sexy in different ways.

  3. LewSethics says:

    I didn’t wee the first article yet, but did you include those hot kitty cats in the Warner Bros cartoons from the ’40’s?

  4. Don says:

    Well. I’ll go with Supergirl and Turanga Leela. I love a maco-woman! A cousin married a Chinese woman who wad into two sword Ti Chi and watching her work out was a pleasure.

    Go, woman!

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