Best Cartoons on Fox

Top rated cartoons on FOX.

Fox has a various of programs of entertaining, but nothing compares to the cartoons aired on Fox.

They’re violent, full of dirty words and also with a good taste of humor.

The most known FOX cartoon is SouthPark. Everyone saw South Park. Is the funniest show they air. For those who haven’t see a South Park episode check out , where you can see any episode you want.

My favorite character is Cartman.

The longest cartoon show is own by Fox too, I talking ofcourse about The Simpsons. The Simpsons has 22 seasons and is still counting. There were a lot of improvements in this show till now. I watched all the episodes and is a family cartoon, that can be watch be parents with their children.

Family guy is the next stop. I discover it about a year ago and I didn’t stop watching it. Every weekend they came with a new episode. It’s one of the must funny tv shows I ever saw. Peter is the shooting star in this serial. He is the man of the house (the husband) and he is incredible stupid. There are a lot of dirty jokes and embarrassing situation for him.

American Dad is not so popular, but it has some good jokes. It doesn’t keep you in front of the TV like the shows I just write about, but they sure have a chance in amusing you. Stan is a employee at CIA and the father of two kids. In their house is hiding an alien from the CIA. The alien goes out in disguise, he’s an alcoholic and has a lots of stupid ideas.

The Cleveland Show it’s a derivative show from Family guy. The black guy from Family Guy (one of Peter’s friends), Cleveland, lives the town and moves back with his new family. The moving it’s just a trick made be Fox to start a new show staring Cleveland.

Did you watched any of this shows?

Liked it
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