Cartoon Network: Bad for Kids?

Cartoon Network may be a bad influence on kids!

Cartoon Network-a television channel most parents trust. But is it really safe for kids? Take the cartoon “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack”. This show may have a reference to drinking alcohol since Captain Knuckles drinks maple syrup, which gives him similar effects to drinking beer, e.g. drowsiness and bloodshot eyes. I have heard from one of  my sources that if he where a little kid and watched that show, he would be frightened by the thinuld be more gs they put on it. Some of the cartoons they have on Cartoon Network are just plain creepy *cough*Flapjack and Grim Adventures*cough*.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim is a whole different story. It contains violent and sometimes sexual themes that parents might find unsuitable for their children. It even starts at 10:00 PM at which many children are still awake. Cartoon Network should take this filth and postpone it until at least 12:00 AM. Also, when I was watching Adult Swim, I saw a commercial with captions on, and saw the f word in the caption. I was disgusted. 

As you can see, I feel Cartoon Network shocareful about what they put on the air.

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24 Responses to “Cartoon Network: Bad for Kids?”
  1. Shari86 says:

    While your comments on Cartoon Network’s programming might be justified, Adult Swim is an adult station and is not included to be viewed by children– the hint is in the title! If children are still awake at ten o’clock, their parents should be monitoring what they watch, and I think most programming at this time would be unsuitable for children, whatever station it is on.
    The comments about showing behavious similar to drunkeness are quite relevant though, as this happens in a lot of children’s programming.
    Oh, one other thing: it’s possibly an error that Triond created, but I think there are parts missing to some of your sentences like

    ‘he would be frightened by the thinuld be more gs they put on it. ‘


    ‘Cartoon Network shocareful about what they put on the air’

  2. pseudonym says:

    I agree that it’s amazing what they get away with on Billy and Mandy (Cthulu? chupacabra? pinhead?) but what about Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, which teaches about friendship and responsibility and not judging?

    Cartoon Network aims to be less “nice” than, say, the Disney Channel (which never seems to be criticised for over sexualised behaviour, but that’s another rant). It doesn’t hide it. If parents are concerned, then why not watch the things their children are watching? If you let your children watch Metalocalypse it’s hardly the television’s fault!

  3. Willy O'Leary says:

    This is the advertisement of a new show and game that Cartoon Network is promoting for its fall schedule going by the name of Hero:108. As an actor on a children’s television show, who raised two step-children and adores animals, I care very much about what our children are taught about how to treat animals on television, in films and in animation. While I made sure our kids were supervised while watching tv, which my wife and I limited, there are children who watch television without the programs being monitored because their parents who have to work or serve their country overseas. If Cartoon Network is going to air commercials and programming that is designed to attract an audience of children 6 and up, then parents and animal lovers everywhere should be appalled that Cartoon Network has decided to air the cartoon show by the Taiwan based gaming company Gamania called Hero 108 . The producers state that it is based on an ancient Chinese book, but this is a very loose basis sort of like saying The Simpsons is based on The Odyssey. The producers have announced publicly that the target audience will be boys between the ages of six and up. The animation is violent and aggressive even though it’s supposed to be fun children’s entertainment. The whole premise of this show and games are for a “brave” group of children to fight fumbling bad guy animals and save the world.
    It’s animals vs. humans in the ultimate battle…
    Series 52 x 11 min
    Flash 2D Animation / Comedy & Action-Adventure
    Target Audience : 6 and Up
    © 2007 Taffy Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
    “Hero:108″ follows the outrageous adventures of a group of brave young defenders determined to end a conflict between animals and humans in The Hidden Kingdom. The group, known as First Squadron, includes the courageous Lin Chung (a.k.a. Panther Eye), Mighty Ray, Mystique Sonia and Jumpy Ghostface. Together, they battle fierce creatures such as fire-breathing tigers, magic lantern-wielding zebras and camels with really stinky spit.

    Here is a description of it’s cuteness given by it’s executive producer:
    Panda King Turnaround
    I’m gonna start posting some production art from Hero:108, so stay tuned. Here is the characters, Panda King (a.k.a Heavy Bottom). He is a member of the rebel force’s DoReMi Band. To defend their stronghold, Giraffes catapult Pandas over the castle walls with their necks. Unfortunately, Pandas get tired easily and have a hard time running back to the castle after they are used as ammunition. So, the system is pretty easy to combat.
    – Rita

    Surely Cartoon Network can find better and more responsible entertainment to air for such a vulnerable audience than investing boys with the idea that it’s cool and brave to fight animals.

  4. discgolfgirl says:

    yeah so to reply to the Adult Swim comment…

    its friken 10 o’ clock dude, if your very young children are still awake and anywhere near a TV at 10 pm then that would be YOUR fault. The fact that you are even letting you’re kids watch TV at 10pm at night is crap…which means that you’re kids probably watch TV from when they get home from school until the moment they go to bed. Don’t you know that TV is bad for you?

    And if you believe that children should not be watching that programming….be a parent and tell them NO. If you actually let your kids watch TV at 10pm and they happen to stumble upon Adult Swim, be a mom and tell them no, or go to bed, you shouldn’t be watching TV anyway. Plus, at 10pm they play two episodes of King of the Hill, which has a couple bad references in it but more good then bad thanks to Hank. So really, the crappy stuff doesn’t start until 11pm. So if you’re kids are awake and watching that…..YOUR FAULT.

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  9. patrick roberts says:

    Well really, cartoon network isn’t required to make cartoons for kids, its not called kids cartoon network. Lots of cartoons are for adults and if they want to appeal to both audiences they need direct, clean humor for kids and also deeper lying humor for adults that you really have to think about. Its an art really and they’re getting better at it.

  10. ethan says:

    i truly ,hate cartoon network the shows are stupid, lately the shows on cartoon network are “increasing their vocabulary” with words like crap and suck it maybe not that bad for adults but, for a 5 year old that’s different .also shows on cartoon network have begin losing morals, shows like don’t steal are seam to be ban forever on cartoon network.a different thing is that cartoon network have began showing mild nudity like example a show called MAD showed a women bending down showing the women panties and increasing women’s boobs to inappropriate levels
    Willy O’Leary hero 108 has been canned
    adult swim begins for the night it says FOR 14 YEAR OLD ONLY. im 13 year i remember when cartoon network was my favorite network with shows like scooby-doo i miss that show

  11. king says:

    i agree with everything that ethan above said “CN” sucks and has lost all of its morals along with common sense those idiots in atlanta should hang theyselves for ruining such a good network and turning it into the slime based filth of a network it is now. It all started with the fall of toonami and if ted turner is wondering why he’s losing money he should just look in the mirror. I mean cartoonetwork use to be #1 ahead of disney and nick but nows its so far behind plus nick only shows nothing but icarly and gay ass spongebob that should’ve been gone along time ago and disney well dont get me started on disney,but i really and truely hate “CN’ and I really miss the old cartoonetwork that kept me company all of those nights i stayed locked up in my room as a child but now im so disgusted with so many of the shows cartoonetwork puts on tv that i barely even turn it to that channel unless its to watch KND,ED edd n eddy,young justice,ben 10, generator rex, and byakugan(its ok). the only thing that would be cartoonetworks ressurection were to be to bring back toonami and give it the 3-8 time slot with all the good shows like zatch bell,code lyoko,yu yu hakusho,dbz,naruto,MAR,one piece,rurouni kenshin,justice league and they could just leave KND young justice and ben 10,ed edd eddy generator rex and byakugan alone. But they can replace the new beyblade with the old ones with tyson and the gang and make a new season of teen titans because lets face it Young justice isnt as good as teen titans, and scooby doo and all its incartnations except the newest one

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  16. peter says:

    I’m a college student, and grim adventures, naruto, and regular show are on the absolute limit of what I’m willing to let myself watch. It’s not about the blood, or language. It’s that these new shows are increasingly similar to innapropriate internet videos. They take advantage of young boys especially-curiosity about thier bodies and such. Johnny Test is fast but usually includes some moral fiber. These new shows(problem solvers,adventure time,secret fort mountain)are far too close to adult shows for me to let my children alone with them.

  17. cimengse says:

    Cartoon Network: Bad for Kids? | Telewatcher I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You’re wonderful! Thanks! your article about Cartoon Network: Bad for Kids? | TelewatcherBest Regards Rolf

  18. elll says:

    Cartoon Network taught me its okay to be a little weird and zany. Disney has these characters who face issues in their shows, but by the end of the episode everythings back to normal and their parents love them and they get to sing and dance. Im not some preppy, pop culture child never was never will be, but I tried forcing myself to be because Disney is the majority whereas CN kind of represents the underdog. words from an actual kid and not a parent.

  19. RMNSHHRD says:



  20. In reply to RMSHHRD
    You just don’t know. You mean Disney Jr. Right?

  21. Sonic says:

    I don’t agree. Hero 108 is about as far from violent as you can get. Also, I’m pretty sure they cancelled Flapjack.

  22. Caitie says:

    I’ve noticed that Cartoon Network has been showing TV Shows more aimed at teens now, they needed more teens watching the shows. Regular Show and Adventure Time are the two shows that are the most radar dodging one’s on Cartoon Network, especially RS getting away with saying ‘Pi**ed* and a few others. They may have adult jokes time to time but, I think these shows are fantastic, I really do enjoy them. I’ve heard young kids these days say much more worse stuff that they see in the cartoons on CN.

    Sure, I miss the old Cartoon Network but I also like a few of the new shows now too :)

  23. Alex says:

    Cartoon network is now dead. Those old shows used to be good for kids, now the newer ones are bad for them. Cartoon network should bring back the old Cartoon network. Who here remembers Cartoon network city, which debut back at 2004?

  24. Alex says:

    BTW, Who wants to join my “Bring the old Cartoon network” group? Alex, 16.

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