Is Doraemon Safe for Kids to Watch?

Doraemon, a well-loved manga character from Japan is loved by a lot of viewers young and old alike, may be not that suitable for kids to watch because of certain qualities that its characters present.

Many people young and adults alike are very fond of the cat-robot Doraemon, who hails from the 22nd century. Doraemon is a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F.Fujio who first appeared in magazines as a series in December 1969. It later became a manga series which was enjoyed by Japanese kids and children from other countries that it was shown.

Doraemon is a cat-robot from the 22nd century. He was sent back in time by Sewashi, the great-great grandson of Nobita Nobi, the story protagonist. Nobita is a fourth-grader who is continually bullied by his friends Suneo and Gian. He often goes home crying after being teased, humiliated, or hit by Gian. He is also having difficulties in school which is mostly his fault because he’d rather play or sleep than do his homework. Doraemon becomes Nobita’s friend and always helps him whenever he encounters bad situation, whether it was because of school or Gian and Suneo. He does this by pulling some high-tech gadget from his pocket (which surprisingly is a very huge container of all sorts of gadget) which Nobita can use. It varies from medals that can make people look at anyone who wears it with sympathy, or a ring that causes friendship, or a chalk that can project whatever it writes. The gadgets that Doraemon are endless and most of the times silly and funny. Nobita uses them to solve his problems. However, he always misuses the stuff given to him despite Doraemon’s warnings. He either flaunts it to his friends or uses it to take revenge on Gian and Suneo. At the end of the day, things backfire and Nobita learns his lesson. That is until he gets to another trouble the next day.

While watching the animated series, you are sure in for a lot of laughs especially after seeing Nobita’s misadventures. But upon closer look, one may notice that there are some things about this manga series that seems off and not very suitable for children whom this cartoon is specifically for.

Each time Doraemon whips out something from his pocket and gives it to Nobita, he does not help Nobita at all. In fact, it makes things worse for the young boy because he always ends up using whatever gadget given to him against other people, especially Gian or Suneo. He uses his gadgets to take revenge for the beatings he got from the bullies. Or he uses them to escape chores or the wrath of his mother after he has done something bad.

The cat-robot was sent to help Nobita mend his ways but instead, he becomes an unknowing accomplice in Nobita’s path to destruction. Even though he has seen Nobita misuse his gifts, Doraemon still lends him gadgets from his pocket. The character Doraemon portrays must be strong-willed enough to a young boy a lesson but what happens is he becomes submissive to the boy.

Nobita on the other hand, shows kids how to be lazy and abusive. He prefers to sleep or play instead of doing his homework despite Doraemon and his mother’s constant nagging. Then he runs crying to Doraemon after facing the consequence of not doing his school work. Nobita may be a sweet young boy and good by heart but his character shows qualities that children should not emulate:

  • Doesn’t care for school
  • Would rather lie and deceive his mother than admit the truth about doing something wrong
  • Takes matters into his own hands. He constantly seeks revenge on Gian whenever he has a new gadget he could use against them
  • Has no respect for other people’s things. Despite Doraemon’s advice, he always abuses the gifts given to him and then gets in trouble for not listening
  • Does not heed advice
  • Does not value his word. Everytime Doraemon warns him to be careful in using his gadgets, he promises to but then as soon as he is out of the house, he forgets all about it
  • Depends on other people and things to solve his problems. Most of the times, his dilemmas can be prevented but because of his hard-headedness, he finds himself in bad situations

These are just some of the qualities unfit for kids to see in a cartoon that they watch. Other characters also show such traits:


  • Bully. He takes pleasure in beating Nobita and other kids
  • Very impatient. The tiniest things piss him off which results to beatings


  • Likes to see other people get hurt. He enjoys the seeing Nobita get beaten by Gian and is always adding fuel to the fire at the expense of the poor protagonist
  • Liar

Doraemon was sent back in time to help Nobita find a way to be better at school so that he grows up to a person financially stable enough to provide a better future for his descendants. And he is dedicated to do just that. However, the protagonist’s current state of mind clearly is a sign that the cat-robot from the future is far from going there. The main premise of the series is very good, it’s just that there are some things that throw the series off.

Doraemon is fun to read and watch because of its fun and colorful characters and also because of the funny situations and storylines. At first glance you’d think that it is safe for kids to watch but at a closer look, you’d notice the things mentioned above. Some may say that it is an unfair way to look at a harmless cartoon but we must always put in mind that every piece of art that we enjoy reading or watching have undertones that can work its way to the mind of its viewers so caution must be observed.

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