Kids Cartoons of The ’90s

Kids cartoons have changed greatly over time. When I was a kid in the ’90s, the tv shows seemed like they were made for kids, with kids in mind!

Do you ever think back to your childhood? About what the simple things in your life were back then. Well i do sometimes, and it wasn’t until the other day while watching a kids cartoon on t.v with my younger sister that i realized how genuine and likable the cartoons were when i was a kid! After asking my sister what she thought of these cartoons, she said that she enjoyed them and that all of her friends watched them. After telling her a story of when i was a kid in the ’90s and what the cartoons were like back then, she disagreed and said that what she watched was the best. I had to laughed because i realized that everyone is different and i may have thought that what i watched was just the best is different to hers because that is what she had grown up with.

  When i was a child there was shows like Cheese TV and Bananas in Pajamas. Where as now she was watching shows that i just found weird. Don’t get me wrong, yes i am grown up but i do love to watch the odd cartoon, ( still the little kid in me coming out). 

After thinking about this a couple of days later i decided to do some research and see what i could find. In just a few quick Internet searches and many loved hours of watching you tube videos of old cartoons i realized that maybe my thoughts might be shared. I started posting on forums and soon got a response that was very similar. It was a great pleasure to be talking to other people that had the exact same thoughts as me. So i decided to make a little video clip of a couple of great scenes from the cartoons i loved and show my sister. The first time she watched the 20 minute video she was a little bored and was sick of within the first 5 minutes but i told her to hang in there and watch it all. By the end her mood had changed and had started to enjoy some of them and when it finished her reaction was that of wanting more. I had to laugh inside.

I didn’t really think much more of the video after leaving it with my sister, until coming home a couple of days later to find her watching it again. I asked her if she was starting to like them and she replied with an ecstatic YES. She went on to tell me that she had watched it many more times and it was becoming a daily occurrence. For her next birthday she wanted another longer video of these classic shows. 

I know that any cartoon that i see watch now will never compare to any of the classics that i watched as i child. I do miss those days.

Tell me what you think?

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