New Episodes of South Park

South park is back with fresh new episodes.

It’s finally here new episodes of South Park what could be better right. More Kenny deaths, more of Cartman Jewish jokes, and Stan and Kyle well being Stan and Kyle. What to expect from the new episodes more of the same just funnier and more harsh jokes. South Park could always break boarders and what society thinks of as taboos but the fact is they just don’t care. If you’re not a fan of South Park well i think you should consider your ways because the new south park won’t just change for sensitive viewers. What to expect well there making fun of apples creation of ipad. 14 great seasons and they are not letting up. South Park is a classic matter what your onions are of it is a great series. It adds childish humor in a format that adults can relate or laugh about can’t wait for more episodes from those 4 kids and friends.

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My top five South park episodes.

5. Season 14- Medicinal Fired chicken

4. Season 12- Major booage

3. Season 6- Freak strike

2. Season 8- good times with weapons

1. Season 10- Make war, not warcraft

Liked it
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