The Legendary Pokemon List

A list of every legendary Pokemon ever created, with cool pictures.

First Generation

1. Articuno

It is a ice/flying type legendary Pokemon. Articuno is a large bird with blue plumage. Its coloring is darkest on its head crest and long, streaming tail. Its body is colored sky-blue, while growing lighter on its front.

2. Zapdos

It a electric/flying type Pokemon.Its feathers have a spiky look and it has a very long beak.The yellow hair distinctly makes it look like a electric Pokemon.

3. Moltres

It is a fire flying type Pokemon.Its feathers Every flap of its wings creates a dazzling flash of flames.  If this Pokemon is injured, it is said to dip its body in the molten magma of a volcano to burn and heal itself.

Second Generation

1. Raikou

Raikou is the first of the Legendary Beasts  and is known as the Thunder Pokemon of legend. It is a strong electric type. It carries rainclouds on its back which let it fire thunderbolts at will. It descends with the lightning, and races across the land barking a cry that shakes the ground and sounds like crashing thunder. While running it stores up static electricity, then shoots off the excess.

2. Entei

Entei, the Volcano Pokemon, is the second of the Legendary Beasts. It is a Fire type Pokemon. According to legend, an Entei is born whenever a new volcano appears. Volcanoes erupt when it barks.

3. Suicune

Suicune, the Aurora Pokemon, is the third of the Legendary Beasts and is a strong water type Pokemon.It is ordinarily a serene and compassionate creature, embodying the spirit of a pure spring. It is also said to be the incarnation of northern winds, as no matter which direction it is coming from, a north wind will follow in its wake. It races across the land with a kind of relentless grace that suggests the flow of a stream. Unsurprisingly, it has the power to purify any murky or dirty water.

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35 Responses to “The Legendary Pokemon List”
  1. marcus says:

    this is only 6 legendarys u idiot

  2. deatstar says:

    grow a brain looser there are even more legendaries than the ones ive posted.

  3. nathaniel says:

    retaurd its mewtwo,pearl,

  4. I.M.Awesome says:

    i’ve got a list unlike this asshole, articuno, moltres, zapdos, mew, mewtwo, raikou, entai, suicune, lugia, ho-oh, lugia, celebi, regirock, registeel, regice, latias, latios, rayquaza, kyogre, groudon, jirachi, deoxys, uxie, mespirit, azelf, dialga, palkia, regigigas, giritina, cresselia, manaphy, darkrai, shaymin,and arceus.

  5. Muttsy says:

    He’s not stupid, he probably made this BEFORE the others came out.

  6. policewoman32 says:

    Whoever made this is an idiot and knows nothing at all about pokemon.Last time I checked,there were more than 6 freaking pokemon.

  7. Jagurara says:

    You are all the shining examples of failure. So what if they didnt get ALL the pokemon? At least they tried. Dont be such douche bags, i know, it’s hard for you people.

  8. brandon says:

    funny word douche bag. funny. XD
    i cant stop lauhing. complements to jagurara.

  9. brandon says:

    at least they put my three favorites.


    i like cows

  10. brandon says:

    entai suicune and raikou

  11. Pokemon are retarded. Get a life!!! Chances are, you’re all in your thirties and still living in your mom’s basements.

  12. pokemon fan says:

    um… are u retarded there is like 20 not 6 on my pokemon game i have 13 legendary pokemon soo there isnt just 6 idiot

  13. Mitchel is a fan of pokemon says:

    there is nothing wrong with me, i just love pokemon, and they are fighting , i don’t like it!!

  14. Pokemon Fan says:

    this legendary pokemon list is so incomplete… but it’s ok… nobody is perfect anyway… :)

  15. SHUT. UP!!!!!!!!!! Pokmeon rule,s stfu, stop it and cut him soem slack!!!!!!!!! OR ELS EILL MURDER YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. deatstar says:

    Im sorry for the incomplete list….but like I made it a very long time ago..
    And like i got kindda tired after 6 so I decided to create different articles and complete them alll…. but then all Exam strain and stuff…And i completely forgot..
    Ill get to it sooon..
    Sorry anyways

  17. Calebmon says:

    hey guys have you ever stopped to think what defines a legendary Pokemon? I think in order for a Pokemon to be considered legendary it must have these traits:
    -can’t breed
    -can’t evolve (no pre evolutions either)
    -no gender
    The thing is each person has there own definition, and since there is none defined in the game, there is no right or wrong on this issue. Maybe this person thinks that those are the only legendary Pokemon because he/she has her own definition of Legendary,
    but according to mine there are around 20 legendaries, its all about perspective.

  18. my god says:

    there is loads more some from soulsilver heartgold red yellow white black pearl diamond platinum and even more sheesh idiot

  19. shitface says:

    fail fail fail only 6 you fail

  20. Kelly says:

    I think the powerful legendary pokemon is Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyueum, Arceas, Dialga, Palkia, Groudon, Kyroge, Rayquza, Lugia, Ho-oh, Entie, Raiku, Suicune, Moltrus, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo, Mew, Celabi, Phione, Manaphy, Cressila Darkri, Azelf, Mespirit, Uxie, Shaymin, Giratina, Genazeck you know what I mean errrrm oh yeah Victini, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Tornadus, Thunderus, Lunderus, Keldeo, Meloetta and …………….. that\’s all folks.

  21. Kelly says:

    Guess what Im only 18 yrs old and Im still playing Pokemon games so it don’t matter how old you are plus I even got Pokemon Old Episode on DVD I got season 1 and 2, My Big Brother is getting me season 3 and Pokemon first movie I think it’s called Origen of Mewtwo thats the first ever film. I went to see the first pokemon film at the cinema I allmost cried at the end I was only young that time.

  22. arceus wanter says:

    Um…..That is only six of the 50+ legendaries. Get a brain.
    Oh, hey kelly, you spelled a lot the pokemon wrong.[: whos the kid now?
    Heres all the legendaries
    Please post any question/comments
    By the way, I have

  23. arceus wanter says:

    i agree with u calebmon.
    in my perspective there is 50+ legendaries

  24. utsav says:

    you haven’t got all legendary Pokemon you know only 6 there are like 45 legendary Pokemon

  25. TheLegendaryTrainer says:

    Actually “Faraligatr”/feraligator is not a legendary pokemon, but a fully evoled form of totodile, a water type starter pokemon for the johto region.

    Phione is not a legendary pokemon it says so on bulbapedia and if you have a manaphy or another phoine and a ditto you could have as many of them as you want. Manaphy is the legendary pokemon. Phione DOES NOT evolve into manaphy.

    Zorua or it’s evolved form Zorark are not legendary pokemon either but you need a legendary pokemon to aqire them – a gamestop celebi for zorua and a shiny Raikou, Entie, or Suicune for Zoroark. This is all done with Pokemon:Zoroark master of illusions in mind. Good film watched it on I like to think of them as event pokemon because you need an event pokemon to catch them. Or as a Fifthed generation riolu and lucario except you always get a riolu egg in diamond, pearl, and platinum with no requirements except to complete iron island.

    You missed Meloetta, Genecect and Keldo of the fifthed generation

    and i have every legendary pokemon.

    The real list is (in national pokedex order)

    1. Articuno
    2. Zapdos
    3. Moltres
    4. Mewtwo
    5. Mew
    6. Raikou
    7. Entie
    8. Suicune
    9. Lugia
    10. Ho-oh
    11. Celebi
    12. Regirock
    13. Regice
    14. Registeel
    15. Latias
    16. Latios
    17. Kyogre
    18. Groudon
    19. Rayquaza
    20. Jirachi
    21. Deoxys
    22. Uxie
    23. Mesprit
    24. Azelf
    25. Dialga
    26. Palkia
    27. Heatran
    28. Regigigas
    29. Giratina
    30. Cresselia
    31. Manaphy
    32. Darkrai
    34. Shaymin
    35. Arceus
    36. Victini
    37. Cobalion
    38. Terrakion
    39. Virizion
    40. Tornadus
    41. Thundurus
    42. Reshiram
    43. Zekrom
    44. Landorus
    45. Kyruem
    46. Keldo
    47. Meloetta
    48. Genesect

    Melsprit, and
    Mortres are spelled wrong.
    also just if you wanted to know mort in “mortres” translates into “dead three” or “three dead” is you use french for mort and mexican for tres.

    You just got powned by a 12 year old girl, arceus wanter. Sorry about that, sucks to be you now dosen’t it.

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  30. Josh says:

    The guy who posted this was smart, because after Generation 2 Pokemon went to shit for the most part, with a few gems here and there (Yanmega, Samurott, Salamence, Absol, Infernape, Hoenn Weather Trio, and a few select others). These 6, and Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, and Mew, are the only ones worth mentioning. Screw all these new Pokemon, who by the way are either COPIES of older Pokemon, or simply garbage. Tell me that Palkia does not look like a walking penis. Anybody who played the original games knows exactly what I am talking about here. I am sorry, but I have become very disappointed with the new Pokemon. And what’s worse is that many of the Pokemon from Generation I and II have been ignored, while Nintendo is busy beefing up these shitty looking new ones.

  31. Infinipef says:

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  32. pkmn master says:

    woh there guys this conversation is getting heated up . you do know that the pokemon co. will keep on making new generations of pokemon until the end of time so you cannot give a accurate answer that will stay valid for at least a year!

  33. cornwall says:

    Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this weblog and I’m inspired! Extremely helpful information particularly the remaining phase :) I take care of such info a lot. I used to be looking for this particular information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

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