Big Brother: New Format Attracts New Viewers

Gather a bunch of misfits. Lock them up in the same venue. Make them compete for supremacy. That’s the current recipe. What if we were to make some changes?

1. All contestants must shower/bathe together in the nude at least 2 times every day.

2. The head of household (HoH) is the only person who doesn’t eat slop.

3. There will be only 1 bed for every 2 people in the household except HoH. When there is an odd number of people in the house, the HoH must choose 1 person to share their bed.

4. All beds have glass bottoms so that cameras placed under them can pick up all the action under the sheets.

5. To make the experience more entertaining, “mother nature” will be a part of the household, which will include random earthquakes, thunderstorms (using the indoor sprinkler system combined with sound effects) and fog.

6. The viewing audience votes to kick one player out of the household every second week.

7. Rodents and bugs will be released into the household to make sure the contestants keep focused.

8. Only the 2 players nominated for eviction compete for the power of veto. Whoever wins must choose another person in the household to take their place.

9. If there is a tie in the number of votes on whom to evict from the household, both nominees are evicted.

10. Once evicted from the household, the former contestant spins a wheel of revenge which may give them the opportunity to re-enter the Big Brother house.

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