We are Not Negative

This is not that we are negative. But we think that way some times.

We do not have to change others but our way of looking at the things. That is about the right way of keeping things positive in any case.

 The minute our viewpoint gets negative, the things are changed and we find the things we were in love with are no more that way and even we begin to dislike them.

See this happens with the same things that we so dearly loved until now. Therefore, this is all about the way we look at the things.

In fact most of us do not even know about the best friends of other’s leave apart knowing them part and liking them. As long as our viewpoint of looking at things, this is we who set the angles to look at the things and that matters in the end.

How I wish? However, people just jump on the conclusions; they never wait for actual things. They prefer them on their face values, however different the realities are. However, that is how the things stand and they make me gloomier. Because the, things are entirely different in reality and they look so different from their actual ways. However, can I help it?

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  1. mtrguanlao says:

    Don’t mind the neagtive ones or comments suny,believe in yourself,that’s all that matters!

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