Hardy Goes Ton Jail,no Surrender Results, Matt Gets Another DWI

Whats happing in the world of Wrestling.

“ Hardy goes to Jail, No surrender results, Matt gets another DWI”


Hello one and all, it’s been a bit and I thought id check in and ponder on the happings of the Squared Circle. Punk and HHH are gearing up for their big fight this Sunday. The Jeff Hardy legal drama is now settled just in time for his brother to get another DWI.

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Well this past Raw was a bit of a yawner until the end this past Monday. I for the life of me don’t know where Punk gets it from but I hope that it doesn’t run dry any time soon. His Nose to nose with HHH was another in a long line of Punk speaking the truth as he sees it. This Sundays no holds barred match will be one that I am really looking forward to. The thing that is really sticking in my craw is they keep doing these mysterious behind the scences thing that while it works, it keeps looking more and more that Vince might be behind the whole thing. I hope they don’t do that because after all of the effort that they put into this, it would really be lame if Vince were the one behind it all.

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Down in TNA land, the prodigal son has returned, sort of. Jeffery Nero Hardy will make his first appearance on Impact in months this Thursday. With all of his legal problems settled, except for the Ten Days in Jail, Impact has decided to put him back into the mix. After his time is served he will be on probation for thirty months so depending on what kind of travel restrictions he will be under for the foreseeable future, I don’t know what kind of use they will get out of him but at least he will be fresh for the first time in a while. And he is coming back just in time to see his certifiably insane brother get popped for his second DWI in as many months. Both of these two idiots need to spend some time in a lockdown rehab facility far away from anything remotely connected to wrestling. Lets keep a good thought any way.

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In a brilliant bit of booking (can you hear the sarcasm out there on the net) Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair will be fighting this Thursday on the Impact Zone. Does anyone need to see this, Hogan cant go, it’s that simple. Sting is long in the tooth and a little beat up but at least he can do his finishers. If Hogan drops a leg on sting or anyone else, he aunt getting up with out a crane.

No surrender was an uneventful PPV with Angle Retaining the title. I got to say, if they don’t get their act together soon, ROH is going to blow right by them. The ROH TV debuts in a little over a week or so I’m stoked

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Well that’s all for now, see you soon

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