Mr Bean’s Popularity as Babu Jee

Babu Jee is more popular than Mr Bean among Pashto speaking people.

Is not a surprise to know that here, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Babu Jee is more popular than
Mr. Bean? I mean, copy than original?

Babju Jee is a name created for Mr. Bean by known Pashtoon artist Zahirullah Khan. The name and the localized dubbing on parts of his videos have earned Mr. Bean great popularity among children as well as other folks.

Everywhere, you will hear a child asking another, “Hey, Babu Jee, where are you going?” or “Look, Babu Jee is running”. His dialogues are part of every discussion.

Anyone who have a CD or VCR he will have some videos of Mr. Bean dubbed by Zahirullah Khan and converted into Babu Jee. In Hujras, you will find young lads laughing at Babu Jee’s acting and his dialogues (in
Pashto) dancing on their tongues.

Before ZK introduced him in Pashto, only 1% or less people did know Mr. Bean and had seen his movies. But Babu Jee is so popular that you will find everyone asking about his videos and dialogues.

Most people know him only as Babu Jee and a few know that his original videos are in English and his English movie name is Mr. Bean.

I can say that he is popular than Afghanistan and Pakistan’s presidents and local comedy stars in areas where Pashto language is spoken or Pashtoons live.

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3 Responses to “Mr Bean’s Popularity as Babu Jee”
  1. Babu Jee says:

    I am an Afghan from Europe and even i have dubbed VCDs and DVDs from Babu jee. Hes greaat!

  2. Melva Rosch says:

    Cuoi mia mai thay cho hang ngu tinh hoa cua dat nuoc, …… van duong duong tu dac ta la so mot, chau A tham chi la so mot the gioi khong chung. da bao bac Nhat roi, vi nuoc ta co dan chu moi the , chu o nuoc khac khong co dan chu thi Thu Tuong nhu vay lam gi co cua ma nhiem ky 2 , dan ho cho len duong som.

  3. says:

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