My Top Five Favorite American Sitcoms

I love American comedy shows and living in England, I do get my slice of American comedy every now and then. From what I have watched, these are my favorite five American sitcoms.

8 Simple Rules

Based on the lives of 3 teenagers and their parents, this comedy is one of my favourites purely because it highlights the humorous differences between two generations. In the latter series, the introduction of a grand-father and a nephew just mixes it up a bit more. If you are a teenager or a parent of a teenager, I highly recommend you watch this one because it truly is one that you will find you relate to. Originally titled ‘8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter’, this sitcom was based on the book of the same title by a humour columnist W. Bruce Cameron. This show has no flaws in terms of the stereotypical characters that each of the 3 teenage siblings has been given and the kinds of characters the parents hold. This is a must watch for anyone irrespective of whether you are a teen or if you know a teen; you will relate to certain bits somehow!

Everybody Loves Raymond

I love Ray Romano and I love the sarcastic voice he carries every single time in this comedy where he has certain situations based on his own life! Again, what is really good about the acting of this TV comedy is that the characters’ roles are so defined. You’ve got to love the ever-caring but over-protective Marie and the lovable Frank with his harsh comments that sound incredibly hilarious! Everything about this sitcom is just right! The hilarious one liners are what will really make you laugh until you have tears pouring out of your eyes. Just based on an ordinary family, it’s amazing how you can create a really good comedy out of it!

South Park

This animated sitcom has some of the best humour I’ve ever seen! Although infamous for multiple reasons, the dark, satirical humour over various topics is one that will squeeze a chuckle out of you no matter what. Based on the lives of Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Kyle, four school going children living in South Park, I love the satire that this show carries and the one-liners will make you roar with laughter. Right from the World of Warcraft to Canada, this show deals with it all and you’ve really got to understand the situation going on before you can chuckle. Although intended for mature audiences, the mindset of this is quite young adult-like so I have no doubt that you will enjoy this thoroughly.

The Big Bang Theory

Where can I start with The Big Bang Theory? It is my favourite American sitcom EVER! This sitcom explores the lives of four lady-love starved scientists (or geeks) Raj, Howard, Leonard and best of all, Sheldon. Again, each one of their characters is so defined and each and every one of them has something funny going on. I love the way the directors have really delved deeper into the lives of geeks and portrayed them as pretty unfortunate but I do like the occasional introduction of some love. The mix is delivered through the involvement of Penny, one of the teenagers in ‘8 Simple Rules’ who is the blond hottie whose love Leonard vies for. This sitcom is different, hilarious and a must watch for anyone who wants to get their everyday dose of giggles.


Although ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is my favourite, no one can steal the crown of American sitcom that has always belonged to Friends. This show is based on the lives of 6 friends, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey and this certainly is the king of American comedy. Everything about this sitcom is admirable right from the hilarious roles that the actors of each of the characters portray to the sarcastic one liner and absolutely amusing situations. It is a mix of emotions once the series ends but with 10 series, I can confirm without any doubt that this is one of America’s most successful comedies. I love it so much that I decided to write this article on it. With millions of views watching it as it was telecasted then and even now, people all around the globe watch this sitcom STILL and continue to love it like they always used to. Friends truly deserves the top spot on my favourite 5 American sitcoms.

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23 Responses to “My Top Five Favorite American Sitcoms”
  1. Darla Beck says:

    Out of the five, Friends is my favorite.

  2. Mythili Kannan says:

    Totally new to me :-)

  3. lee ness says:

    very cool like all these tv shows’
    lee ness

  4. Sourav says:

    I think they are just all the same. And I find them pretty boring.

  5. Christine Ramsay says:

    I am sure they are all wonderful but I never seem to have time to watch much TV, never mind American programmes. A good review though.


  6. LoveDoctor says:

    Everybody loves Raymond is hilarious. This is one show that I try not to miss. I watch repeats of Friends often too. Great article.

  7. CA Johnson says:

    I really liked Friends. I watched all 10 seasons of the show and I still watch the reruns. It’s too bad that the cast won’t do a reunion show. I would love to watch that. I watch Everybody Loves Raymond through reruns. I didn’t watch it during it’s original run on TV though. It is really funny.

  8. jacfenway95 says:

    What about Seinfeld or That’s 70’s Show? Those are also really good ones.

  9. I absolutely loved Friends. I’m was so sad when the series ended. :(

  10. Shamanz says:

    great article Atikins! My favourites out of that list would be “Friends” – (I mean Joey is just…he’s just Joey lol) and “Everybody loves Raymond” – also a fun family comedy =)

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. well i do love the reruns of friends , i was never all that interested in everybody loves .raymond. i would have to say my favorite show’s were macgyver, hunter, roseanne, charmed, simon&simon, fall guy, the a-team,highlander, quantum leap that one was my most favorite.

  12. unown971 says:

    Some of them are old, but I like South Park!

  13. clafleur says:

    I like the classics of course. My vote is the Jeffersons

  14. Lostash says:

    I used to think Moonlighting was great back in the day! I suggest you check it out Atikin! It was a genuinely funny show!

  15. apoorva says:

    For the First time I’m hearing these names, as these teleshows are not telecasted in India.

  16. Uma Shankari says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable review, as enjoyable as the shows.

  17. Zunairah says:

    A beautiful Article….I like Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond a lot!!…
    Congrats on your Ha trick!! :)

  18. I loved this piece as well the photos. Very well written.

  19. Out of this list, Friends is the only show I’m loyal to. Great list.

  20. FRIENDS is my favorite too…

  21. zoeyclark says:

    Great topic. I love Friends and that’s my favourite sitcom ever. Closely followed by:

    - Married with Children
    - That 70’s Show
    - Everybody loves Raymond
    - Grounded for Life

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