Roseann Barr to be Back on TV

Roseann Barr has had a new sitcom in the hopper ready to go!

20th Century Fox hopes to bring Roseanne Barr back to the small screen in a new half-hour comedy called “Downwardly Mobile.” Roseanne will write the comedy with her boyfriend, Johnny Argent. Sticking with what she knows best, it will revolve around a blue-collar family dealing with hard times. While this sounds strikingly similar to her former show the US might just be ready for another comedy along these lines. The current economic climate means this show might be hitting rather close to home. If done smartly it will do well. If done snarky, it will likely fall flat because people do not enjoy being made fun of.

Like many of the terribly frightened other creative execs, this seems like an attempt to grab onto former success in order to not put your neck out too far. With everything being remade in the movies and on TV: “Charlie’s Angels,” “Footloose,” and “Dirty Dancing,” one is left to wonder if any truly original content has a shot right now. People could use a new direction. Unfortunately that seems reserved for reality TV and leaves us with such stellar representation such as Jersey Shore embarasses Americans in yet another foriegn country!

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