Seinfeld – The Greatest TV Show Ever?

Despite Seinfeld finishing 14 years ago, many still regard it as the best TV show ever. Why did people love it so much?

It was a cultural phenomenon that had critics and the public laughing in stiches. It first aired on the 5th of July in 1989. It ran for nine seasons; a total of 180 episodes all together. It won numerous awards and made Jerry Seinfeld a household name.

Seinfeld was different to other sitcoms at the time; many focusing on family life. Here however, there was no real overall plot to the series. And that’s the genius of the writing. It shouldn’t work, but such is the wittiness of the lines and delivery of them, every day conversations and events are side splittingly hilarious. How many other shows can you name that make waiting in line at the movies funny?

While many characters came and went, a group of four friends were the focus; allowing you to develop a relationship with them as the series progressed. Of course, there was a plot to each episode. In most cases, it would follow each characters story. They may seem unrelated at the beginning, slowly but surely they would all be brought together; almost like a domino effect. The attention to detail was superb as the audience watched for clues that interlinked the stories.

Episodes often ended with characters experiencing failure. Such was the personality of each character towards relationships, love and ambition; it was never going to turn out well for any of them. Even though the audience should feel sympathetic towards the group, you can’t help but laugh at their misfortune; this in turn makes us love them even more.

Jerry Seinfeld somehow finds yet another reason to break up with women, such as dropping her toothbrush down the toilet and therefore not wanting to tell her. Who can forget about the lies and stories George Costanza tells on a regular basis? His envious nature and lack of self-belief always produced comedy gold. Jerry’s ex, Elaine Benes, is often too honest for her own good and she has the worst taste in men. And last but not least, Cosmo Kramer. The weird neighbour with the wacky dress sense has even odder ideas and schemes; his childlike behaviour makes him a favourite for many.

Seinfeld was ahead of its time, which is why it’s still funny to this day. It made observational comedy funny before it became popular like it is today.

In co-creator Larry David’s show Curb Your Enthusiasm, we get glimpses of what a reunion of Seinfeld would be like. I for one am glad that it hasn’t happened for real. I think there’s a certain magic at leaving where things are and not risk losing the shoe’s long standing credibility.

Jerry Seinfeld is returning to stand up with performances on the 11th and 12th of May in Birmingham and Manchester respectively. Both cities are well connected and also have boutique hotels in Birmingham and Manchester to stay in should you be travelling from elsewhere. Any fans of Seinfeld shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Can’t decide if it was the best? Watch the best clips from Seinfeld.

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