Top Ten Comedy Tv Shows/sitcoms of All Time

This brief article discusses my top ten comedy shows/sitcoms ever to appear on TV.

What are the top ten sitcoms of all time?  For the past 50+ years there have been many good sitcoms on TV but some are in a class of their own in my opinion.  Now I know that everybody will have different opinions on what constitutes a funny show but the top ten I have listed below are certainly ones that most people can agree on.  I am sure I will be excluding some shows that people will think certainly belong on this list and for that I am sorry.  The unfortunate thing about doing a top ten list is no matter what you try to do, you are always going to have to narrow down your list and eliminate some truly great shows.  But this is also a good thing because it really makes you think about the shows that truly are the best in your eyes.  So without further ado, here are the top ten TV sitcoms of all time in my opinion of course.  The list is not in any order as all of these shows are equally great in my eyes……

1.)  Seinfeld — Kramer, Jerry, George and Elaine and I will throw in Newman.  Never missed an episode on this show.

2.)  Happy Days – Classic sitcom that never really gets old.  I Still love watching episodes.

3.)  Gilligan’s Island — This was the first sitcom that I set a schedule up to never miss an episode.  Of course I was a kid back then but the show is still great 25 years later. 

4.)  Cheers – Sam Malone, Karla, Cliff, Rebecca, Frazier and Norm made this show an all star cast.  I truly miss this show as reruns are getting scarce as of late.  I might have to go purchase the dvd set.

5.)  Mash – God, I love this show and can actually take a whole day off and just watch several episodes back to back for hours on end. 

6.)  Married With Children– I know that most people would probably not put this show in their top ten but I am a huge fan still.  Al bundy rocks!

7.)  I Love Lucy — The oldest show that I still consider to be funny.  Classic TV.

8.)  The Simpsons — The overall funniest cartoon ever created.

9.)  Good Times– Awesome, Hliarious show.

10.) All in the Family — One name Archie Bunker is enough for me for this show.

Well there you have my 10 ten sitcoms of all time.  There are numerous other shows to mention that could have been considered in the top ten but a few that almost made my countdown are Roseanne, The Cosby Show, The Office, Friends, Family Ties, Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy.  As for my personal favorite sitcom it is suprisingly a show that did not make my top ten due to its short duration but mine would be The Dave Chappelle Show.  If only he would have continued on with that show but for the list above I would have to go with Seinfeld as my 1st choice. 

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