Cnbc Life’s The Suze Orman Show: A TV Review

This TV program gives proper guidelines for managing personal finances.

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I like this TV program. It is somehow gives me the idea about the value of budgeting the money. Suze Orman is the TV host of the said TV program. She is a straight talker, funny, and witty. She really knows how to handle personal finances. She shares what she learned to her viewers. She helps lots of people too to decide on their finances and properties. 

What I importantly learn from this TV program that health is wealth. For others, it is cheaper to go to fast foods instead of preparing food at home. But, they are absolutely wrong. Fatty foods in fast foods would lead to obesity. It is cheaper if we would prepare healthy foods at home and exercise regularly. 

I also learned that the retirement funds should not invest in variable annuities because it would not multiply. It is better if we would spend it by buying mutual bonds or corporate stocks that have high dividend yield. Or, invest it in a marketable business that would give you high profits.

I also learned that if a property’s cost is depreciated, we can short sell it if it is no longer earning profits. Aside from that, we can find people that can rent the property if it is still capable to earn profits. 

I also learned that if we have more savings than our spendings, then we are able to buy the thing that we really want but think first if it is a good investment or not. It is not wise if we had just spend our money just like that. Think about our responsibility and take charge on our finances. We should be firm and learn how to say “NO” to the demands.

As I concluded this TV Review, I would rate this educational TV program an A+.

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