Best Top Korean Dramas Series

If you’re a Korean Movie freak who likes to watch those short two hours movies, you may not quite like Korean Drama series, but there are millions of viewers worldwide who go crazy for these long romantic Korean dramas. If you’re planning to watch a Korean drama make sure you watch the best one. Therefore, I’ve a list of the Top Best Korean Drama series, which you may try watching for a better experience of watching the K-Dramas.

     These 25 to 30 hours Korean dramas may not be worth watching if you end up watching a random movie that is not good watching so if you’re thinking of watching a Korean drama series, go for a better Korean television experience, by watching the best romance and love stories of Korea.

1. Boys Before Flowers/Boys Over Flowers
- I highly recommend my readers to watch this Korean drama. Boys Before Flowers is a story of four boys, known as F4 and their experience in high school and life. The lead actor Lee Min Ho (Known as Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Before Flowers) plays the lead in the F4 boys in this Korean drama series. This series is about 25 hours but I tell you it is worth the watch. This korean series is not monotonous and comes with various ups and downs therefore, making every twist and turns in this korean drama series very interesting. The soundtrack in this korean series is also very good with bands like ShiNee singing. I tell you, if you haven’t watching this Korean drama series, Boys Before Flowers, do go for it.

2. Winter Sonata - Winter Sonata is another wonderful romantic Korean drama that is very interesting. It is shot in Korea at Soeul and Chinchoong, with various cold wintery romance filled in it. It is about a boy named Joon-Sang, who comes to Chinchoong in search of his father. He falls in love with a girl and then realises that the girl is his sister, and he dies. Then after his death the real story begins. This Korean drama series has lovely music and is really very interesting. If you love, love stories, romance and romantic dramas, try watching this korean drama, Winter Sonata.

3. Full House - Full House is a very popular Korean drama actually about a boy and a girl who suddenly meets each other and then are engaged in a contract marriage. But again, there is too more couples who are in between them making is a love-quardilateral. Full House has beautiful music, and a sweet story. Full House actually refers to a house, which initially the girl owns but later it becomes the boy’s property and they spend various happy, sad and sweet moments in this Full House.

4. Personal Taste - This is another Lee Min Ho korean drama. Personal Taste is a story of a boy, who stays as a room mate at the girl’s house, and pretends to be gay, while staying with her as friends. The boy wants to explore the girl’s house to work on his architecture project, and the girl thinks the boy is gay, so he pretends to be gay so that the girl has no problem to live with the boy. Personal Taste is a romantic comedy but also gets serious sometimes in the whole series. It is a cute love story, where the girl falls in love with the boy even knowing the boy is gay. I think Personal Taste would be a total entertainment. I guess it is somewhat like the Bollywood movie, Dostana, though it is a long drama series.

5. Cindrella’s Sister- Cindrella’s Sister is another korean drama series in this list. It is a love story but more of a family related one. Basically Cindrella’s Sister is a korean drama that emphasises on the relationship two step-sisters share. It may sometimes be monotonous and a bit lengthy too, but every turn in the series drives curiosity in the minds of the viewers. One may give a try to watch this Korean drama series, if one is bored and needs to pass time.

You may also try watching some more great and awesome Korean dramas from the Korean televsion, which I have mentioned below:

  • Coffee Prince
  • Dae Jan Geum
  • Jumong
  • All in
  • Goong
  • Resurrection
  • My Name is Kim Sam Soon
  • Golden Bride

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    interesting share thanks

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    i like boys before flowers, boys above flowers.

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    Great presentation, love the pictures.

  4. Great share, thanks.

  5. It is lovely to share in programmes from other cultures.

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    try korean. its cool

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    I always like what you have to write about!

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  13. papaleng says:

    good list seen some of them, but where’s my “Endless Love”.

  14. Dee Gold says:

    though you didn’t iclude it,shining inheritance is the best for me.

  15. @papaleng
    Oh yeah actually I have not watched Endless love so forgot to mention that lol

  16. @dee gold
    I’ll include that in the next part :)

  17. franklin says:

    this is my favorite korean series (in order):
    1. Winter Sonata
    2. green Rose
    3. Save the last dance
    4. Full House
    5. Lovers in Paris
    6. Boys over Flowers

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    enjoy reading Bollywood and Hollywood news and gossips

    keep updated withh all the movie reviews and previews

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    I watched some of them. Korean series are quite entertaining.

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    I have never seen any of these dramas but they do seem appealing.

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    Together, forever!

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