Rumored Tv Shows to be Canceled

TV shows that might or might not return for another season.

I was online when I heard the rumors that some of the shows this year, old and new, were in danger of being canceled. Some surprised me, some didn’t. These are the ones I’ve heard about so far:

Medium-I’m not a fan of the show but my mom is. I tried watching a few episodes with her but I couldn’t quite get into it like she did. I do however have respect for the show and the actors like, Patricia Arquette. She’s a good actress. I would give them one more season until calling it quits.

One Tree Hill-This show is long overdue of being canceled. I mean, teenagers getting married, affairs, drinking, drugs, murder. It’s just getting to the point of being ridiculous. Let’s just cancel the show already and be done with it.

V-I have high hopes for this show. You have alien visitors arriving on earth. They promised peace but really they want to start a war. Pretty cool, right? They first aired the first four episodes in November and I was really into it. Then they pull a complete 180 and go on hiatus. I can understand if only until January of next year, but we had to wait until March for them to start showing new episodes. I mean, don’t get me wrong I like the new episodes and stuff but I have a feeling it won’t last much longer. If they want to come back next season they better do something quick.

Melrose Place-Okay, whoever came up with the idea bringing this show back to life must have been out of their freaking minds. When I first heard about them remaking the show, I was like, what?! I mean, bringing out 90210 was one thing but Melrose Place, come on!

Heroes-I was so sad to hear that Heroes, one of my favorite shows, made the list. They’re first year was great. It was about people discovering they had superpowers. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World and all that. But then the past few seasons weren’t so spectacular but they managed to come back. I’ve even met some of the actors from the show whenever they were at Comic Con International. If they have to end it at season five (god forbid) at least let them reach 100 episodes and they go out Heroes style.

Flash Forward-This is another show I have high hopes for. The entire world blacks out and they see a glimpse of their futures. Some want it to happen. Some don’t. I love the show. It has the whole Lost feel to it. Surrounded by mystery. Why did it happen? I mean, what was the purpose of it all? I was at the panel at Comic Con last year and there was so much energy in that one room alone and I just knew I was going to love this show.

Life Unexpected-People say that the show is across between Juno and Gilmore Girls. I’ve even seen an episode. I made a bet with my brother how long this show would last. I thought five episodes and he said seven. Image my surprise that it made it to thirteen. But the real question is the show strong enough to come back?

Human Target-When heard about this show, it got me curious. I read about and it sounded like something I would watch. The only thing is I’ve so busy with work and other stuff that I don’t have time to watch. I’m not worried through. I can always find the episodes online. Plus, I want to read the graphic novels and then compare to the episodes.

Those are the only shows I’ve heard about so far. I don’t know their futures but I only hope they get a good final episode. Something everyone could appreciate.

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