Must See Fall TV: Unforgettable

The new show, "Unforgettable," will air this fall on CBS and brings some actors back to TV sure to get you fired up about this new procedural.

Everyone gets amped up as Fall TV starts. Though, in some ways, for cable networks, summer has become the new fall. People still get excited for the beginning of an all new network TV season. This begins your sneak peak into everything worth watching this fall. I will also dedicate a day to covering shows you might not be watching from other seasons, but you should!

First up, “Unforgettable,” a new CBS procedural marrying the talents of Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace) and Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck). Poppy plays Carrie Wells a former investigator with total autobiographical recall. She can remember absolutely everything that has happened to her for every day of her life. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Her former lover, Al Burns (Walsh), drags her back into investigating. The show focuses on the amazing nature of her unusual gift and how it affects every relationship of her life.

Each episode will cover a new case in which Carrie will use all of her encylopedic knowledge of crime patterns to help solve. The new technique of the show comes from Carrie being able to watch herself in different situations. The audience will literally see her step out of her body and into her mind to remember exactly what has happened in the past.

The other detectives have a love/hate relationship with her abilities, especially since they do not really understand them. Al must reconcile his old/new feelings for her and the fact the relationship can never be normal. The passion is obviously still there as the chemistry heats to a boiling point.

Penned by Ed Redlich of “Without a Trace” and “Shark” this show has a unique take on procedurals. As much as Redlich sticks with the idea of stand alone episodes, the cast of characters remains compelling. To add a totally new to TV feel, CBS hired Niels Arden Oplev (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) to direct. Taking on setting up a series mood is a challenge and one Oplev took on with gusto. The cast and crew feel lucky to have such a well developed director setting the tone for the series. If you are bored with “CSI” and “Law and Order” but love detective shows, this series is the way to go!

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