The Best and Worst Moments of Nip-Tuck

Nip/Tuck, the perverted drama about plastic surgeons in Miami, always pushes the limits. What went too far, and what shocked us just right?

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Best Moments

  • When Matt’s girlfriend was a man- I loved this.  I really didn’t see it coming, nor did I see her relationship with her adopted son, which bored on “too much” but was still really great.  I’m still waiting for good old Ava/Avery to come back into the show since she/he split and went to France.  I didn’t like her very much as a character, because there was something so obnoxious about her, but I really hope she comes back (maybe in cahoots with the Carver?!)
  • When Matt’s girlfriend was his half-sister-Oh, Matt, can’t you put your dick in anything normal?  Matt’s half-sister was so cute, though, so I don’t blame him.  Only issue–that plot never got finished!  I’m guessing someone at FX decided incest had gone “too far” even though Nip/Tuck regularly does stuff like that.  I hope she comes back in season 6 and is pregnant with an incestuously conceived child.  Maybe that would be a bit much, but at least it would answer our question, “Whatever happened to Matt and his half sister?”  They had sex, they found out they were related, and then they seemed to still be into each other.  Did she just disappear?  WHAT HAPPENED?
  • When Escobar’s face was surgically molded into that of a child molester- How clever could plastic surgeons be?  In an attempt to run from the law, criminal Escobar asked MacNamera and Troy to reshape his face.  Little did he know, they would reshape it to look exactly like a man who had sex with a six-year-old.  He ended up getting taken to prison and getting a lot of flack for what he didn’t do.  But he kind of deserved it, given everything else he actually was doing.  Way to go, guys.
  • When the Carver had no penis and was having sex with his sister- Maybe this was the best thing that ever happened in the history of my life, I don’t know.  But Quentin being the Carver was unpredictable, and more unpredictable was the fact that he was born with five alpha reductase syndrome, which means he had no penis.  I looked it up online and it is very real, I assure you.  His sexy, cold sister who defended him was also pretty interesting, but better than anything is that they got away with it and fled to Spain.  I can’t wait for them to come back.  They have to.
  • When Colleen (literally) backstabbed Sean- Stalkers are always fun to watch on TV, and Colleen was great.  She was Sean’s agent (during the weird time when he played a surgeon in a show along with being a surgeon in real life).  However, was she really an agent?  No, she was a teddy bear maker.  She turned people into teddy bears too, by killing them and stuffing them with cotton.  She also killed them with cotton, did I mention that?  Anyway, this whacko decided she was in love with Dr. Macnamera, and she ended up chasing after him and stabbing him in the back while he was operating on his daughter.  Luckily, he didn’t die.  Just ended up in a wheelchair for a while and then miraculously got out of it.

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Worst Moments

  • When Julia had a sex affair with a dwarf- I didn’t believe it any more than I believed her turning into a lesbian for a year.  I have nothing else to say about this.
  • When Christian got breast cancer- I got that it was ironic that Christian would get breast cancer because he was always so concerned with being manly, but there was really no suspense there.  We all knew he wouldn’t die, because he’s one of the main characters.  So when the doctor called to tell him his cancer was in recession after he had married a chubby lesbian for security, I just rolled my eyes.  Good luck with the divorce, Christian.
  • Julia giving birth to a deformed baby- This was sort of interesting, except the baby disappeared and we never really see him anymore.  Also, what’s going on with Julia’s daughter?  Where are these people?
  • Sean becoming a famous actor- That whole thing was so surreal.  People don’t just become famous actors by accident when they move to Los Angeles.  Besides, it didn’t mesh at all with his character that he would even want to do something like that.  The “meta” idea of Nip/Tuck making fun of itself in the show Sean was on was just too weird for me.
  • Matt Becoming a Meth Addict- I usually like the dark stuff on Nip/Tuck but this was just a bit depressing, especially when he decided to try out for the role of a “sloppy bottom” in gay porn.  There really wasn’t much of a shock with the whole meth thing, and when he burned himself or something while making meth, I also wasn’t surprised.  I thought they were going to kill him off, actually, but they didn’t.  Nip/Tuck always saves people at the last moment.
Liked it
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