Suicide Trends Among Korean Celebrities and The Main Factor

There’s so many korean celebrity ended their life by suicide, what’s the main factor of the high rates of suicide action among Korean celebrity?

I’m sure that you’ve heard so many news about suicide cases of Korean idol, it’s a weird phenomena among the korean stars, each years there’s so many korean actor ended their life by a suicide action, the latest case is the suicide of han chae won a singer and also a korean actress.

Han Chae Won performs a suicide at his home on 25 August. However, this news just came to the media on October 8 this years. beside her there’s so many famous korean actress who do the same, Here’s the list of the Korean Star who died by suicide on the last decade.

1.Lee Eun Joo
Born: 16 November 1980
Death: 22 February 2005

2. Jung Da Bin
Born: 4 March 1980
Death: 10 February 2007

3. Lee Hye Ryeon
Born: 3 May 1981
Death: 21 January 2007

4. Kim Ji Hoo
Born: 5 April 1985
Death: 6 Oktober 2008

5. Woo Seung Yoon
Born: 2 Mey 1983
Death: 27 April 2009

6. Jang Ja Yeon
Born: 25 January 1980
Death: 7 March 2009

7. Song Ji Seon
Born: 26 February 1991
Death: 23 May 2011

8. Chae Dong Ha
Born: 28 June 1981
Death: 27 May 2011

The number of Suicide cases among korean star was gradually increase each year, No wonder Korean has the highest rate of suicide in the world it said that every 21 people of 100.000 performs suicide. It makes so many people ask “Why there’s so many korean star have to be ended their own lifes by a suicide action”? Hmm that’s a nice question. from so many online resources that i know, They really depressed from being a star in korea. It’s still unclear about what kind of depression that they has.

We know it’s not easy to became an idol in korea, you have to undergoes an intense training of singing, dancing, and also the physical appearance play a great role here. beside that all korean star should has a great academic achievement. Maybe that was the reason about why they’re really depressed.

Other factors that also influential in the high rate of suicide among celebrities Korea is the lack of counseling programs. Korean culture tend to be closed also makes the celebrity was embarrassed when the public found out when they go to counseling or are experiencing depression.

In addition, a religion factors also play a great role here. Nearly half the Korean population has no religion, so that when they are depressed, an appreciation of the value of life was low. The belief in reincarnation concept also makes Korean people are driven to end their lives and live a new life may be better than now.

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