Suits: It’s Been Renewed So Make Sure You Watch!

With the callous nature of network execs, it is hard to get invested in new shows. "Suits" has been ordered for season 2, which means you can take the time to invest in the show now.

“Suits,” the new legal drama on USA network, brings fun to a law show. The witty banter and unusual premise are reminiscent of shows like “Ally McBeal,” “Boston Legal,” and even “LA Law.” While this is not a David E. Kelley penned show, it is one that matches legal wits and comedy in such a way that you are drawn in not only to the cases but the characters.

As a rogue Harvard trained lawyer, Harvey Spector does not like following the rules. When forced to take an associate as he makes senior partner, he breaks the rules when he comes across a kid who had a few bad breaks, Mike, and gives him a chance. Of course Mike has a photographic memory, a mind for the law and is a genius. But no one knows yet if he has the nerves of steel required to be a hard-nosed lawyer. He is bringing his own sensitivity to the office. Harvey is not sure this type of bleeding heart attitude is right for the firm.

The show reminds us what the law is supposed to be about and how the world has twisted it. It is not all the lawyer’s fault as the clients tend to manipulate the situation as much as anyone else. Add in the piles and piles of cash and you have a business set up to be dirty, mean and in the end destructive. How long will Mike be able to keep his secret? What will happen to Harvey when it comes out? Is there a balance between right/good and winning for the client at all costs? Watch this show!

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