Alan Taylor Signs on to Helm Thor Two

Alan Taylor Signs on to Helm Thor two.

The decision to find a director for Thor 2 has so far gone about as seamlessly as as Loki’s alliance with the Jotunheim frost giants. It’s now been confirmed that Game of Thrones‘ Alan Taylor will be taking the director’s chair, and hopefully he’ll be the last to land the spot.

Is there some love affair between Marvel and Game of Thrones that we don’t know about? Taylor is no less than the third name from the TV series to be attached with the Thor sequel. Early rumors had Brian Kirk taking over after Branagh, and more recent speculation suggested that Daniel Minahan was also in the running before the pick ultimately went to Taylor.

Alan Taylor hasn’t been attached to a big screen project since 2001 (The Emperor’s New Clothes), although he’s been seeing plenty of action in the primetime arena. Taylor has directed episodes for shows such as Lost, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, The Sopranos, and 6 Feet Under.

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