Season Three of “Boardwalk Empire” Redistributes The Cards

The masterly series "Boardwalk Empire" on HBO again. Increasingly violent and surprising. Warning spoiler if you have not seen Season 2, read no further!

If the drug dealer Nancy Botwin has permanently closed shop back in business for Nucky Thompson side of Atlantic City. Sunday, September 16, 2012, while pulling Weeds retired after eight years of cannabis trafficking and loyal service on Showtime, Boardwalk Empire, impressive historical epic about America of the 20s, made his comeback on HBO season 3 with that redistributes the cards.

In several interviews, the creator Terence Winter (also writer of The Sopranos) announced a season even “more violent” than the previous ones – which were, however, not greedy hemoglobin and grabbing. From this point of view, the opening episode aired Sunday night on its promises. The first fight, introducing the newcomer Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Cannavale, to follow in New York godfather quite annoyed) comes from the opening scene. The first corpse follows shortly after. As for the second …

Resolution (this is the title of the first episode) plunges us into a full Atlantic City New Year’s Eve, about to drown in floods in 1922 mixed with whiskey and champagne. And with it, its fratricidal wars and its share of legal troubles? It is hoped that in any case the treasurer Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi, nominated for Emmy Awards for this role, which will be held September 23 in the category of Best Actor), which is used to make room for regain control of the liquor business and expand the scope of its activities.

Exit James Darmody (Michael Pitt), the spiritual son became rival his mentor passed from life to death in the bold and memorable final season 2. Exit also very zealous and tormented Commissioner Van Alden, the writers sent selling irons in the Midwest. Tragicomic repentance that we follow closely. Indeed hard to believe that the former great destroyer of Hooch (brilliantly portrayed by Michael Shannon), albeit in very delicate with his former colleagues, has left New Jersey forever …

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