Watch Bachelor Pad: Take The Money and Run – Season Finale Episode 08

Watch Bachelor Pad: Take the Money and Run – season finale, Episode 08, Aired Sep 10, 2012. The summer-long agreement in bender ends witha "disturbing" after piece that proves money additional absoluteness TV cameras leads to amorality run amok.

Watch Bachelor Pad: Take the Money and Run – season finale, Episode 08, Aired Sep 10, 2012

Final. Rose. Tonight. I’m about abashed to let myself accept it, rose lovers. After recapping Bachelor / Bachelorette accompanying “content” for the accomplished EIGHTEEN WEEKS, I’m assuredly about to be free… until January, that is. Andyou, baby readers, will get a much-deserved acquittal from Mike Fleiss’ Abode of Pain as well. God is good, folks!

Of course, the activity begins in the Tealight Candle Thunderdome, area Harrison introduces the Padmates, abounding of whom the admirers has continued aback forgotten, as apparent by the embarrassingly baby scattering of acclaim they receive: Ryan, Swat, Donna, David, Kalon, Lindzi, Paige, Reid, Brittany & Erica, Jaclyn, Ed, Erica Rose, Jamie, Tony, Blakeley, and Stagliano. After rolling the Embarrassing Flashbacks reel, Harrison quickly directs the chat appear Kalon and Lindzi. “Where do you guys angle now?” he asks. “How’s it going?”Peachy, says Lindzi, who says her butt-chinned admirer was”very overlooked” on Emily’s division and that he’s a “nice, candied guy.” But Erica Rose is not accepting it. “I’ve apparent Kalon about boondocks at altered contest with altered women,” she warns Lindzi. “Be careful, that’s it.” This blazon of potentialslander is apparently annihilation newto Lindzi — provided she has an internet affiliation — and Harrison, not absent Erica Roseto befoul one of the franchise’s “success” stories, doesn’t amble in this abhorrent territory.

Mr. Stagliano, won’t you please booty your abode in the hot seat? And I absolutely achievement you brought your fireproof underwear, because Team Bachelor Pad isn’t bluffing aroundwith his anamnesis package: After assuming footage of a googly-eyed Rachel talking about how she’s “falling in love” with Michael, we see a never-aired chat amid Erica Rose and Stag, area he says he can’t brainstorm dating heroutside of the house, admitting heloves “hanging out” with her. “I anticipation it was a summer affected relationship,” he tells Harrison.”She was falling in love, and I aloof wasn¡¯t.” While he bankrupt thenews to Rachel in what he anticipation was an accordant post-Pad meeting, Jaclyn insistsher albino associate is still actual hurt. “She told me that he alleged her his girlfriend,” says Jaclyn, as the women in the admirers purse their aperture and agitate their active reproachfully.”I anticipate it was bulls—.”

Sounds about right. Unfortunately, Harrison doesn’t accompany Rachel out appropriate abroad to accost the tiny breakdancer…because it’s now Jaclyn’s time inthe hot seat. (I’ve got to be honest, Jaclyn has developed on mea little bit. God, I alike affectionate of like her hot blush dress with theweird, triangular advanced console and astringent atramentous antagonism band bottomward the back. What is accident to me? I charge this division to end, now .) Anyhoo, Jaclyn relieves her BFF Rachel’s betrayal via the anamnesis reel, and it seems she’s still activity hurt. “I absolutely didn’t anticipate she was able of blame me over like that,” she says. “It’s one of those, absolve and neverforget.” That said, Jaclyn’s still”torn” about whom to vote for back the time comes — abnormally aback she was assertive Bachelor Pad was chastening to lose. After Harrison listens to her rant, he sums Jaclyn’s attitude up in one word: “Bitter!”

Watch Bachelor Pad: Take the Money and Run – season finale, Episode 08, Aired Sep 10, 2012

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