Watch Revolution: Let There be Darkness – Series Premiere

Watch revolution: Let There Be Darkness – series premiere, season one episode 1. Episode 01 | Aired Sep 17, 2012
“Revolution” series premiere: Let There Be Darkness.

Watch revolution: Let There Be Darkness – series premiere The delay is over: After months ofpromos and steadily architecture hype, the new accident alternation of Fall 2012 has premiered.

This high-concept appearance poses a big “What if?” Anarchy asks, what if all sources of electrical ability accomplished alive all over the world? And it looks like we’ve got a accomplished alternation of mystery-filled television to acquaint usthe adventure of what that electricity-stripped apple looks like.

Full disclosure: I am advancing at thisas a fan of J.J. Abrams’ and Eric Kripke’ accomplished assignment ¨C abnormally Supernatural ¨C so alibi me if I acquisition myself cartoon comparisons amid Anarchy and these beatnik gurus’ accomplished successes (pluseverything adolescent controlling ambassador Jon Favreau brings to the table). I’m aggravating to see this as a fresh, new show, but let¡¯s be absolute actuality ¨C Lost , Fringe and Winchester Brothers admirers apperceive the artistic minds abaft Anarchy accept a lot to alive up to. Go ahead, don¡¯t be shy, headon bottomward to the comments area and accord us a shout-out to the appearance you¡¯re absorbed on that fabricated you demand to analysis out Anarchy . And those of youwho don’t appear with allegiances to anyone in the Abrams-Kripke-Favreau trifecta, acquaint us what got you absorbed the show.

Now, assimilate business. Let’s airing aback through all that was arranged into this aboriginal adventure (and there was a lot arranged into this aggressive pilot). Anyone who didn¡¯t watch the pilot, here¡¯s your adventitious to acquisition out what you missed. (But really, people, there¡¯s no alibi ¨C it’s been online for a anniversary ¨C aloof go watch it . We’ll wait.)

Revolution bliss off aback in the acceptable ol’ canicule aback we had electricity. In Chicago, adolescent Charlie is watching Looney Tunes , little Danny is arena with an iPad, while their mother, Rachel ( Lost alum Elizabeth Mitchell) chats on the phone.

Aback the ancestor of the family, collared shirt- and tie-wearing, acutely desk-job man Ben Matheson, bursts in, he says, ¡°We don¡¯t accept abundant time,¡± and Rachel knows: ¡°It¡¯s happening, isn¡¯t it?¡± Cut to: bodies in a beef car agitation out to AC/DC on a Port Royal, South Carolina highway. Enjoy it while it lasts, Supernatural admirers ¨C this is the one Sam-and-Dean-in-the-Impala-like arena you¡¯re gonna get afore the lights go out. In the car is Ben¡¯s brother, Miles, and¡­ a abstruse acquaintance whose name we don¡¯t apperceive ¨C yet. Miles (stony-faced Billy Burke) gets a alarm on his corpuscle fromBen, who aimlessly tells him, ¡°It¡¯s all gonna about-face off. It¡¯s gonnaturn off, and it will never, anytime about-face aback on.

“The affiliation cuts out, but we apperceive this isn¡¯t aloof any alone call. As lights activate to beam out,Ben checks a laptop computer sitting on his kitchen counter. Onits awning is a window labeled ¡®Downloading Files.¡¯ Aloof in time, it hits 100 percent, and Ben pullsa USB bung out of the computer and block it into a metallic, triangular, locket-like thing. I¡¯m activity to alarm it the Locket of Power.

Now let the over-thinking begin. (This is a J.J. Abrams show, though, so that¡¯s encouraged, right?) Ability beyond the apple doesn¡¯t about-face off all at once. On the South Carolina highway, Milessteps out of his adjourned car to see a beck of headlights beam off, one car at a time. Zoom out aloof a little bit added and we get a attending at the lights activity off over the accomplished world: It starts in the northeast cornerof the U.S. and spreads west andsouthward. So was the origin/cause of the blackout in New York or there abouts? Or didK ripke and co. aloof anticipate a advance of black over the Western Hemisphere aloof looked cool?

Back to Chicago: Planes crash, transformers explode, Sears Tower goes dark. Let the anarchy begin.

Episode 01 | Aired Sep 17, 2012 ‘Revolution’ series premiere: Let There Be Darkness

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