Watch The Voice : Hallelujah! – Episode 03

Watch The Voice : Hallelujah! – Episode 03 | Aired Sep 12, 2012.

Watch The Voice: Hallelujah! – Episode 3

Don’t adjudicator anyone by their looks. That’s what The Articulation hastaught us. But it’s accept to adjudicator them by their adorning stories, right? Because, tonight,there’s some above antagonism amid the Nigerian refugee whose ancestor was wrongfully imprisoned, the Nashville ancestors who had to advertise their abode to alive their dreams, and the woman who grew up in a shoe factory.

To be fair, though, how do we apperceive it wasn’t the coolest shoefactory ever? Who says shoe factories don’t appear with congenital hot tubs and amaranthine pairs oflimited copy Reeboks?

Anyway, the night begins with Samuel Mouton , who doesn’t absolutely accept a crazy story. Unless you calculation the factthat this flannel-shirted jailbait has somehow become a reggae superstar. Remember how the coaches beatific that poor Jamaican woman home on Monday night for singing “No Woman No Cry”? Did I acknowledgment that she was from Jamaica? But Samuel manages to fool anybody with his back-to-basics adaptation of “Redemption Song.” Adam bound nabs him, abrogation Christina to insist, “I absolutely accepted some dreadson Samuel, instead of a white kid with a baseball cap on.” Really? Because, to me, he sounds absolutely like… a white kidwith a baseball cap on. Perfectlynice voice, but no absolute emotionaldepth. This kid has no business emancipating himself from brainy slavery. Bob Marley would apperceive what I mean.

The Voice: Hallelujah! – Episode 3 | Aired Sep 12, 2012

Next up is Chris Trousdale, a above affiliate of Dream Street who wants to bethink his boy bandage dreams by assuming The Wanted’s “Glad You Came.” Let’s aloof say he’s a abundant bigger ballerina than singer. Not one coach’s armchair turns about for him, but he does administer to account a dance-off with Blake, who ability be the aboriginal man anytime to moonwalk in cowboy boots. And possibly the last.

Once Blake scoots aback to his chair, we’re alien to Nelly’s Answer , a Nigerian-born accompanist who lives in Maryland. He was 16 years old back his ancestors was affected to abscond his home country, and his ancestor was confined for”something he didn’t do.” There’sa heartwarming moment back Nelly’s Answer explains that he sings with his adolescent brothersto accumulate their alcohol up¡ªcut to the brothers, pumping their fists in the air!¡ªand again he tells Carson that his date name reflects the interplay, or echo, amid the aerialist and the audience. “Hopefully you’ll apprehend that answer [tonight],” says Carson. And, for some reason, Nelly thinks this is the funniest affair he’s anytime heard.”Ah ha ha!” he laughs. “HA!” Then Nelly performs Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and although his accent is a little too ablaze for thesong (the sunshine is GONE, dude!), his airy address comes through clearly, and assorted coaches advance their buzzers. Nelly picks Christina, who turns about first. “I wanna go to the concert!” exclaims Christina. “Where’s the concert, already?” Ah ha ha, Christina. Ha!

Episode 03 | Aired Sep 12, 2012 ‘The Voice’ : Hallelujah!

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