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No brainier comedy with vulgarity in a typical American fashion. If you’re fan of such humor, you will definitely appreciate what “The Watch” has to offer.

Starring: Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn

There is no doubt at all that The Watch will fare badly in the box office. But was it worth shooting this movie? Definitely. If you’ve never seen a typical American comedy, start with this one and you’ll get an idea of what to expect with all other such comedies. It’s crude, lewd, vulgar, sometimes racist, unconventional but above all, incredibly mouth hurtingly hilarious.

But honestly, what more can you expect from a cast headed by Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Vince Vaughn? Throwing in The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade was also a definite smart move, as he added on to the insanity brought by the previously mentioned gang. The British charm was what gave this movie the sort of sweet-but-odd appeal that it strangely had.

I simply cannot understand how some critics could have not found this movie entertaining. There’s a tad of mystery, sci-fi, suspense and a bucket-load of comedy. You’re ensured a pretty good time at the cinema with such a combination in my books.

Over-achiever Evan Trautwig is a senior manager at a hypermarket called Costco. On his way to work one morning he finds his friend and security guard of the store brutally murdered.

With the cops having no clue or leads to what caused his death, Evan takes it upon himself to form a neighbourhood watch to keep his beloved town Greendale, save and to find the person (or thing) behind the murder of his friend.

Of course, he’s recruited the most bumbling knuckleheads the town can deliver and this results in several hilarious scenes and dialogue. Soon the gang comes to find out that what they’re about to face is beyond anyones’ expectation.

An alien invasion is about to happen and it’s up to ‘The Watch’ to stop them.

The supporting cast of Will Forte (the town’s cop) and Rosemarie DeWitt (who plays Evan’s wife) was a combination of smart and dumb which balanced everything out. And DeWitt certainly is eye-candy for the boys. Watching her handling a gun in the last scene proved to be quite the thrill, gathering the response from the cinema crowd.

Forte’s cop, along with his partner (Mel Rodriguez) are convinced that it’s Evan and his gang who are behind the murders that have been happening. Of course viewers would have seen this coming from the beginning itself.

Despite some predictability, there is an unexpected twist to this movie. So it is anything but underdeveloped. Clearly the writers had their ideas arranged well enough to form a plot this creative. And with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (who both worked on Pineapple Express and Superbad) working behind the scene as screenwriters, I would have been disappointed if the movie did not pan out like it had.

The Watch is perfectly pleasant if you’re into raunchy and rude. It doesn’t go anywhere beyond that of course.


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