Great British Menu

The cookery competition for the big hitters in fine dining.

This is the second series where top chefs from different regions of the UK go head to head and cook a four-course meal to 3 judges Oliver Peyton, Prue Leith and Matthew Fort.

The wining chefs will cook in Paris, at the British Embassy. On the guest list will be many renowned French VIP’s including top chefs who will all be very had to please. The French are well known for ridiculing British cuisine so it is about time we showed them a thing or two.

The programme is presented by ex royal correspondent and “Im a Celebrity get me out of here” Jenny Bond. My opinion is that she lacks any charisma or personality to bring anything extra to the show and she just seems to get in the way.

Two chefs from each region go head to head each weekday evening until on the Friday the judges get to taste each dish and access them with their critical eye and taste buds. Once the judges have tasted the meals they are given both menus without knowing which chef has created which menu and they choose the menu they like best. The winning chef goes through to the next round and a step further to Paris.

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5 Responses to “Great British Menu”
  1. Michelle~Parker says:

    What comes to mind and I’m not a fan of cartoons but I hate the news so my only other choice at 6pm is the simpsons and all this talk of food and cuisine reminds me of Homers drawling when food is mentioned. Now where’s my tea ?

  2. Grebo says:

    Why would the French want to have English food? Not that there’s anything wrong with English food, but I just can’t see how the creators of “La Technique” would want some down to earth steak and kidney pie…

  3. Lucy Lockett says:

    I like Jamie Oliver in the kitchen!Down to earth tasty home cooking!

  4. C A Johnson says:

    This was an interesting article Jonathan.

  5. Lucy Lockett says:

    I enjoy cooking sometimes.Food is good!

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