Top Nine Moments in Jeopardy History

This is dedicated to giving you the best clips from the history of Jeopardy.

Highest Score Ever in one Show (Run Time :44)

This clip stars Ken Jennings and his amazing day, where he goes and sets the daily record. The clip starts at the answer to final jeopardy, you get to watch Alex mess with him a little bit.

First Three Way Tie in Jeopardy History

I love this clip. I truly respect the champion for making this bid. I think it’s like after a hard fought basketball game or any competitive event, whether you won or lost, at the end of it, you still say, “Run it again.” So to Scott Weiss, I thank you. Plus, Trebek’s reaction is hilarious.

Alex Trebek gets sent back to another Dimension (run time 1:02)

This contestant uses his answer to channel another dimension and try and send Alex Trebek back to the dimension he belongs, see if the message worked.

Max, No! Kevin, Right! (0:57)

The pacing to this clip is good. This a funny little clip staring “The Clicker” Max, and “Mr. Right Now” Kevin. I laughed.

Contest Faints

This clips is just plain ridiculous. After watching the question for final jeopardy keep your eye on the male contestant on the right side of your screen. The Pan shot is hilarious.

Great Final Jeopardy Round (2:09)

This is an exciting final jeopardy round. Something happened that I have never witnessed before. Check it out

1337 Jeopardy

I found this clip, and it had a lot of comments. I didn’t know what 1337 meant, before I watched this clip, but after doing a little research I found out what it meant. I won’t spoil that, but here’s the clip. Plus, there is a guy from Maryland in the beginning, go Terps.

Funny Jeopardy Clip

This clip features a questionable question, and an even more questionable answer. I am a loser.

Nice Final Jeopardy Wager, Smart Play (1 :29)

This woman is a returning champion, but only won about 4500 the day before. Check out her tactical strategy for day two.

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11 Responses to “Top Nine Moments in Jeopardy History”
  1. Cañete says:

    Hey, you forget to put in the list the time Dave Mustaine was on!

  2. MKicon says:

    You forgot the time the guy won with $1.

    Also some details about the 3-way tie episode. During commercial breaks people in the audience often ask Alex questions about the show. During the final break, a child asked if there has ever been a 3 way tie. The answer to this was “no” but inspired the contestants to do what they did, resulting in the first one.

  3. juliesam3 says:

    I love jeopardy! Thanks for this review!

  4. Viola King says:

    I loved these clips…except, what was up with the “Alex Trebek swearing” one? Where did all of those clips come from, and who put them together?
    Ken Jenning’s answer “hoe” was SO much better than the other guy’s answer!!

  5. Redburn says:


  6. Mike from Texas says:

    Thanks for the memories…I worked with AT during his “High Roller” days…that arrogant French-Canuck needed something like Jeopardy to asuage his ego. Now you know why you are often snubbed at Montreal restaurants if you don’t know how to speak French, or have any American accent to your French.

  7. Gregory Weston says:

    The fainting guy, I’m ashamed to admit, was from my state. Shortly after the episode aired, he wrote a letter in the local paper trashing the show. Among his “astonishing” revelations… the reason he fainted was that he didn’t eat any of the (free) lunch available to the contestants. Long day, low blood sugar, hot lights, high pressure…. Oh, yeah. That’s a good idea.

  8. mgroves says:

    What happened to the videos?

  9. gameshowman says:

    I have no idea what happened to the videos

  10. no videos? says:

    super lame

  11. dmqqqene says:

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