CBS Dropping Katie Couric. "hold That Thought."

How do you drop a Katie Couric as your Anchor news person? If I Had the job of making an evening news show around Katie Couric I would start with her legacy. What made her a person who could hold an audience on a regular basis. Then I would build a news team around Katie Couric. Huge mistake CBS to drop Katie Couric.

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     The Changing of the guard on the CBS evening news if Katie Couric is out. How do you replace a trail blazer like Katie Couric? CBS evening news is in third place behind ABC and NBC networks. Katie Couric contract calls for her to be paid fifteen million dollars a year. Yes, start over CBS the network started the Katie Couric experiment. You have a responsibility CBS to finish what you have started.  I personally am not a fan of Katie Couric. I consider myself an interested viewer of a traumatic situation. I would like the evening news to be reinvented with Katie Couric as the anchor person.

     If CBS were to reinvent Katie Couric start with the name of the show. Call the show the Couric Report.  A daily program dedicated to listeners around the world. With in depth analysis of the Top news stories affecting our daily lives. 

     The people who help report the news on the Couric Report should be sharp, bright and intelligent. The focus should be the use of minorities to help report the news. If You look at what critics are saying . You hear a consistent out cry for her to go back to the morning show with Ann Curry, AL Roker, and so on. It is my opinion that Katie Couric could still do extremely well in the media at this level.

     CBS will be making a huge mistake to drop Katie Couric all together.  The right mix of on air talent matched with Katie Couric’s skill and professionalism CBS would have a can’t miss hit on its hands.

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