The Change of Wonder Woman Costume

This is about the changes of the wonder woman costume and how it will
have an affect in the show this fall.

Image by greyloch via Flickr

Soon enough when the comic Wonder Woman said that Adriana Pal-icky would be cast as to play wonder woman rumors of the superhero started to appear and when fans started to see the comic costume there were a ton of complaints going on about the costume from the fans themselves.

   The anger from the fans was all about the costume and how it used to be you name it from the shiny rubber rubber- like pants and high heels it almost seemed similar to a sexy hallo-ween costume and to the fans it looked like it was no way for a famous comic superhero to dress that way. Meanwhile commenter’s from the

EW’S article warned that the show could be cancelled in weeks plus that the costume did little to inspire the main shows prospects. Apparently some of the producers were listening while pictures of the actress on the show came out and that is when people began to notice the changes to the costume itself the shiny pants have been changed by a more natural looking fabric her footwear has some changes also the bright boots which before were blue they are now another color red and she wears no more high heels.

  But as you can remember about wonder woman’s outfit even though it is different now some of the costume still remains the same the red bustier which is still there and so are her favorite tiara and don’t forget her own lasso of truth. In the meantime the future will predict if these waiting changes of Wonder Woman will be good for the show or not.

  What do you think should the Wonder Woman costume stay the same or should it change?

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