Idol: America Got It All Wrong

America once more got it all wrong with Kris Allen becoming the winner of American Idol.

American Idol I watched from day one and from the first time I heard Adam Lambert’s voice in front of the judges he stood out. He has a voice you will hear once and never ever forget! He is soft spoken, very polite and an eccentric, but all these rolled into one makes an incredible star!

His sexuality which seems to have everyone wondering is his own business. Whether he is gay, straight or bi to me it does not matter. It is all about what he has to offer the world and his pipes are definitely something we all need right now.

On Tuesday night when he sang Things Are Gonna Change the hair on my neck and arms raised to the occasion. I was amazed at how well he did and that he could produce that song and many many others and make them his own. Talent is what he is all about and America seemed to have turned their backs on him with Kris Allen winning the title.

It amazes me that first of all Kris won over Danny Goeke but then when he became the winner over Adam I was devastated. Adam Lambert has ALL the talent and will continue on without Idol and go further than anyone ever expected.

This show was not based on the talent of the Idols but rather their back grounds and whether they were every day Joe’s or had more substance as Adam does. America always seems to amaze me with their junkie votes for Idols, Governors and Presidents. They seem to always get it wrong!

I am not saying Kris Allen is not talented but up against Mr. Lambert he is not even in the same league and he knows it. I guess it comes down to Kris being just a Southern boy compared to a super star. I guarantee the one who will stand out for all of us in the end is Adam Lambert.

He is wonderfully different and has so much talent. It seems from Idol winners past that the one who did not win the title soars above the actual winner. I foresee this going to a much higher lever with Adam. As he stood on that stage singing with Queen I actually could see him filling Freddie Mercury’s shoes. That has not been an easy feat period, but from everyone I have ever heard sing, Adam Lambert I do believe could pull it off and would make Freddie proud!

Once more in a lot of folks eyes this morning, America got it wrong!

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16 Responses to “Idol: America Got It All Wrong”
  1. Congratulation to Adam Lambert anyway! Well done, you won the American idol!

  2. RaineluvsAdam says:

    Thank you for posting this blog, someone needed to say it, Adam was the real winner.. He was robbed of the title, but he will go on to shine so much brighter than any AI constestant ever.. I am the same way, every season I always seem to root for the runner up.. I know so many people in my own family and circle of friends, who said it didn’t matter how talented Adam was, he was gay and they were going to vote for Kris.. Kris’s fans and others can say this wasn’t the case but when you are surrounded by bigots like I am, it makes you wonder how many more are out there that voted for Kris.. Congrats Kris you are a super nice guy and a good singer, but you know and we all know who really deserved the American Idol title..

  3. Both were talented and very differnt.
    There was undoubtedly a HUGE “Christian” push not to vote for Adam because of the sexuality thing.
    If the show were in Canada, Adam would have won.
    America is too uptight and not quite ready to move forward. sad.

  4. I think even Kris was shocked.

  5. Thomas Keel says:

    Take the hint.

  6. jo oliver says:

    Okay, I will be the odd one out on the pg. I liked Americas decision. Adam is a talented young man, but lets face it, his flavor of music is not for everyone. I think Kris was more well rounded to do different styles, and that is partly why he won. He appeals more to the general masses….Adam appeals only to certain groups.

    I do hope that America judged based on the singing ability and who they would desire to buy an album from…..and not the sexuality that you mentioned. I feel that they did since we can see that Clay Aikens won~

  7. thestickman says:

    I don’t watch these ‘talent’ type shows… too often I am disappointed with whom actually wins not being as good as some of the early runner-ups.

  8. Miranda says:

    I thought Clay was runner-up…

  9. Marissa (Hong Kong) says:

    I’m 45 and never a fan of any hot singer in the industry in years. Adam’s style is not my cup of tea, but to be honest with myself, I voted for him. I never watched AI before, but because of his performance every week, I put aside my things and watched him week by week, just because of a simple reason: I was moved by his singing! They made me cry! It was singing from the deepest of his heart. Kris is decent and sweet, but he never moved me with his singing, that’s it. Totally understood why Americans vote for Kris, he’s easy-listening singer and people dare not be touched again by some awful (full of awe) singings from heaven! Adam, I will miss your live performance!

  10. CA Johnson says:

    I liked your article linda, but I have to disagree. I actually liked Kris and am glad that he won American Idol. I thought that Adam was a better performer, but Kris is the better singer in my opinion.

  11. Melody SJAL says:

    I guess, Adam Lambert’s star will continue to shine even after American Idol.

  12. I didn’t watch it and I haven’t since the 2nd season. However, I will say this, our society and the skewed views of outwardly diverse individuals will never change. This country is still full of hate and that bothers me since I’m an American.

  13. Dan says:

    Congradulations Kris you just became the next Taylor Hicks! When Adam’s albums have gone quadruple platinum you’ll be lucky to be singing at the Arkansas State Fair or at Truck Stops along I-40 in the state that gave you 38 million votes! Arkansas can have you, Adam belongs to the rest of the World!

  14. Millie Ryan says:

    I’m an ADAM fan and couldn’t believe he didn’t win. Being GAY is not a choice. It’s sad that America is so full of bigots and hate. Other countries embraced ADAM without prejudice.

  15. jamesII says:

    Cool article–however-realistically I have very little mind space for mindlessness! And that is exactly what television is! To the masses it offer grand appear–to the thinkers we know it is only some tool to get you to mow your lawn, feed your dog, brush your stinky teeth, sale the elite and report on the poor–for those who have it as a daily interest, have at it–because, it is certainly having its way with you! Cool! JamesII

  16. Winter says:

    I love that show!

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