Television: Dancing with The Stars Winner Predictions 2013

More and more it seems that Dancing with the Stars is getting to be a popularity contest in keeping the "stars" on the show instead of their dancing abilities. That’s apparently is what is keeping D.L. Hughley on the show — up to now. My advice to future potential contestants — start increasing the number of your twitters followers now. That being said, here are predictions of who will be left standing to dance for the mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing with the Stars 2013 cast

There is a new regiment of “stars” lined up for the 2013 edition of Dancing With the Stars.  Most of the same pro dancers are back and  Derek Hough has announced that this will be his last year with Dancing with the Stars.  This could very well be a rumor, but there also could be some truth to it as well.

Is Derek Hough hanging up his dancing shoes after this season of Dancing with the Stars?

In my opinion, there are no truly, drop dead gorgeous guys, or gals for that matter in this year’s line up.  In fact, most seem to be your run of the mill “B” type stars who probably hope their appearance on the show will jump-start their careers. 

Will Derek Hough win the mirror ball trophy?

Update:  Dorothy Hamil was the first to leave the show which was due to her injuries, followed by Wynonna Judd.  D.L Hughley and Andhy Dick  are hanging on by the skin of their pants.

Regarding the other “stars”, regardless of how hard I try, I keep seeing D.L. Hughley as a comic spouting off his racial inspired jokes instead of a dancer. His fans seems to be keeping him around now, in spite of his lack of dancing abilities. 

Wynonna Judd has been out of the limelight and need some type of push to get her career going again.

Frankly, a lot of the other “stars” are fairly unknown to me. 

Personally, I hope Derek Hough sticks around the show longer, as sometimes it is his creativity with the dances that seem to keep the show interesting and exciting.  If he leaves, a lot of creativity will go out of the door with him. He will undoubtedly be in the final three, dancing for the mirror ball trophy.

Dancing with the Stars judges 2013

A plus for Dancing with the Stars is that even though the celebrity dancers change, and the female host has changed once, the judges have all stayed in tact with maybe a guest judge sitting in from time to time. Tom Bergeron has been the host since the first show.

By the way, thankfully they got rid of the one-half point scoring that probably confused everyone last season.

Predictions as to which pro and their partners will be in the final three ensemble dancing for the mirror ball trophy?  Unless there is some sort of up set, my picks are Derek Hough, Mark Ballas and Val Chmerkovskiy.  

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