Extreme Couponing – Episode Two on TLC

This is a recap of the second episode of Extreme Couponing including Jessica and Rebecca.

During this episode of Extreme Couponing we meet Rebecca and Jessica. Both of them have their own technique to couponing. While they are both different, they each share their love for couponing in this episode.

Rebecca is an early bird couponer. She will be there early enough in order to get each deal. Her husband believes that it is an outlet for her to be able to shop til she drops. During her current trip she is trying to get items for her 20 person party for under $30. She also wants to get other things as well.

While she’s on her trip an item she wanted was not on sale, so she used a replacement coupon. During her transactions, they find out that they can’t get all of their savings so they must call some of their other friends to help them purchase all their items.

Jessica is the super Mom. She claims that she has saved over $50,000. She has all of her items placed in specific order. She often finds herself buying many things and has a binder she brings with her that has extra coupons in it as well. During her trips she will buy 90 meals worth of food. This is enough to prepare meals for her entire family in a single month. During this transaction she had to split everything up in to 18 total transactions in order to use every coupon she had and get the best out of her bargains. Her total was around $680 where she only spent $6.46 at a 99% savings.

If you enjoyed this episode recap, stay locked in for more from myself on this show, and future episodes. Also you can check out my previous recaps on Extreme Couponing, Episode 1

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