Hawthorne-who Attacked Christina?

Season three starts off with Dr. Christina getting brutally attacked in the parking lot and losing her baby.

Season 3 of Hawthorne starts with a pregnant Dr. Christina and Dr. Tom getting married, but immediately end up at the hospital as their neighbor is involved in an accident. After making sure their neighbor is alright, Christina leaves the hospital to prepare for her wedding night.

 As she is leaving, Christina is attacked in the parking lot. What seems to start out as a robbery ends up like a personal attack on Christina and her pregnancy. As the attacker is brutally attacking Christina, she is repeatedly kicked in the stomach purposely and lose her child, which raise the question who would benefit from this attack. An old flame of Christina, Detective Nick is called to the scene but Christina remembered nothing about her attacker at that time.Later she remembered her attackers ring and gave the information to the detective.

The question is, who would gain from the attack on Christina and her unborn child? Who do we believe is truly the father of Christina baby, Tom or Nicks? Did  Christina jealous husband find out that Nick was the father and have Christina attacked. Or did Detective Nick have Christina attacked to solve the case and try to win her back. Of course we do not know the answer to that question, but they both could have big motive.

Update: If anyone wants to know who the attacker of Christine in the parking lot, here is your answer! Christina helped a lady who often came to the hospital from being abused by her husband. Christina encouraged the lady to leave her husband, and the husband attacked Christina in the parking lot.

If any of you remember the little girl that Christine was visiting in the hospital while she was recovering, she was the daughter of the attacker.She was drawing for Christine and telling her that she saw her unborn child in a dream. 

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  1. mphsglo says:

    Nice review. I missed it, I guess I’ll have to catch up.

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