Kitchen Nightmares: Capri, Italian Dining Since 1963

Twin brothers are having problems with their restaurant.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Eagle Rock, California

Identical twin brothers, Jeff and Jim, are owners of Capri, an Italian restaurant. They are messy, lazy, loud, emotional, and a total mess. They seem clueless because they aren’t sure what they are doing wrong. They are broke, and they desperately need help before they end up closing the restaurant. But they have a sense of humor because they enjoy clowning around and playing practical jokes on other people.

Mia, server, adds tha they are immature. Their method for running the restaurant isn’t working, but at least they are entertaining the customers.

Chef Gordon Ramsay walks up to the restaurant and he notices that it is not open yet. He enters and meets Jeff. Jeff tells him that they don’t open until 4:00pm because they only serve dinner. Ramsay tells him to get his brother, and Jeff decides to play a joke on Ramsay. He goes to the kitchen, and his brother comes out to meet Ramsay. But Ramsay isn’t aware there are two people, and he think it is still Jeff. Jim goes back to the kitchen, and both come out together. Ramsay realizes they are twins. They tell him that they bought the restaurant fourteen years ago. They only open between Wednesday to Sunday, and only for dinner.

Ramsay is seated, and he is given a menu. He immediately notices that the menu is falling apart as well as it is very dirty. It is so dirty that he can’t read it very well. Colleen comes to take his order, and she tells him that she has been at the restaurant for nine and a half years. He orders the Meatball Sandwich, and she warns him that the meatballs were ordered from a company. Then, he orders the Chicken Scarpello and Colossal Pizza. As he waits for his food, he looks around and inspects the dining area. He notices that the dining area is very dirty and dusty. All the furniture and items are twenty years old.

He tastes the Meatball Sandwich and it disgusts him. He thinks it is nasty. He is told that the meatballs were frozen and then microwaved to defrost. As he waits for his second dish, he hears hammering in the kitchen. He looks at the Colossal Pizza and notices that it has everything on it, except anchovies. It tastes dreadful, like crap, and it looks hideous with so many different food items on it. When he sees the Chicken Scarpello, he states that it looks dull. It also smells bad and tastes nasty. He wants to know how old the chicken is, but the server just tells him that it was frozen and the twins don’t remember when it was delivered. He looks under all the tables to notice that there are many chewed gum pieces stuck underneath. He goes to the kitchen to tell the brothers that this place is disgusting. And, the food is soggy and tasteless.

He tells the brothers to clean the dining area while he goes out and eats elsewhere. Jim cries because he didn’t think the restaurant was that bad. The twins and the staff clean the restaurant.

Day 1:  4:00pm. Customers enter and order their food. Then, Ramsay enters to notice that the kitchen is very dirty, as well. He looks around in the freezer and noticed some of the food shouldn’t be there. Food is stored in the wrong place, and the eggplant parmesan was cooked last week. Nothing is fresh. When the customers receive their food dishes, they hate the food. It is either mushy, sick, floury, or there isn’t enough sauce. Jim cries because he is getting frustrated and he feels like a failure. Nothing is going right for them.

Back in the kitchen, Ramsay notices the chicken tender is spoiled because it wasn’t properly thawed. He tells them that this chicken can food poison the customers. In the dining area, customers complain that their food is either bitter or disgusting. Jim tells the customers that there will be no more chicken served tonight. He goes back to the kitchen to work; and, he argues with Ramsay, acting childish and throwing tantrums.

Darian, the pizza cook, says that the twins need a lesson on humility.

Customers are gettin restless because they have been waiting for two hours, and they haven’t gotten their food yet. Some of the customers decide to leave. Jim feels embarrassed. At the end of the night, after the customers have all left, Ramsay tells the twins that they are very lazy. He tells them that they need to clean the kitchen. Then, he leaves for the night.

Day 2: Early in the morning, Ramsay arrives to tell the staff that they will open for lunch, today. Customers enter, order, and they like the food. The twins enter at 4:00pm to see the restaurant crowded. Ramsay seats them and serves them food. As they eat, he tells them that he made $300 during lunch. The twins are happy, and they also like the food.

Ramsay takes the twins to a boxing ring in order to work on their issues. Jim admits that he is lazy as well as a failure. Ramsay wears gloves, and tells Jim box him and take out all his aggression. Then, the twins box each other in the ring to take out their frustration.

Back at the restaurant, Ramsay teaches the twins how to cook homemade meatballs. They taste it and like it. He tells Jim to go outside and announce that they now have homemade meatballs. As Jim walks out the door, it appears to be late at night, and the streets and sidewalks are empty and quiet, except for one or two cars passing by. He yells out, a couple of times, that they have homemade meatballs.

The twins and the staff leave for the night, but Ramsay and his crew remodel the restaurant overnight.

Day 3: Early in the morning, the twins and the staff enter the restaurant blindfolded. When they take off their blindfold, they notice a new restaurant with wooden walls, pew benches donated from a local church, and new menus. Jim cries happy tears as he reiterates, “It is amazing.” They staff is excited, as well. Next, they check out the new dishes set out on the counter. As they taste the food, they all love the food.

6:30pm. Customers enter, and the dining area fills up. Jim starts to get overwhelmed because there is too much orders. Customers start to get restless. The kitchen finally finishes table 16’s dishes, but a staff member mentions that table 16 hasn’t gotten their appetizers yet. They have been waiting for one hour. Ramsay tells the twins that they need to focus. Customers finally receive their dishes, and these customers love the food. At the end of the night, after the customers have left, Ramsay tells the twins that they need to work at it without getting lazy and frustrated. Twins are happy again, hopeful for the success of their restaurant.

One month later, the twins are working it out and they are doing well. They now open for lunch, and Capri has turned into a local hotspot.

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