Reality T.v. When Will It End?

Has our future become less creative in the way we perceive entertaining television? Is reality the new form of talent for our future to become?

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s my childhood was filled with television shows like; Who’s the Boss, Mr. Belvedere, Charles in Charge, Full House, The Facts of Life and The Cosby show. These shows had creative and talented minds coming together every week to write meaningful entertainment. Now, when you turn on the tube the majority of entertainment source is reality television.

I recall reality television consisting of the nightly news or the day -time talk shows. For years now it has been intruded by societies perpetual noisiness, of wanting to know what is happening with the Jones. We have shows such as, the Real Housewives and the Jersey Shore, Teen Moms, America’s Next Top Model and the Kardashians, among other shows ruling over our television networks and cashing in with our money.

What I find amazing is that, “we the people” are supporting these uncreative, at most times meaningless and uninspiring shows. Allowing them to overflow our airwaves and networks fasley imposing as the new wave of entertainment. Why is society so enthralled in such unimportant information or have so much interest in the lives of others?

When will creative television come back to our generation? It is dreadful to think that my children will not know the meaning of good t.v. That in their future all that will become of television as we know it, will consist of a reality that really is not reality, but instead more like a scripted and edited form of reality.

We as the viewers have the power to end reality t.v. As we know it!

But, only when we can get back to a place where we are happy with our own realities. A place when we won’t care what the celebrities are doing in their personal lives. Getting back to the interest in real acting abilities and raw talent.

Becoming entertained by what they are creating as a form of art such as sitcoms or movies for us to watch. I wonder have our minds sunk so low or become so unmotivated that we can no longer be creative let alone know the difference between what is real creativity or talent? When will reality t.v. End?

This is a production sound mixer Lance Lundstrom in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2 Responses to “Reality T.v. When Will It End?”
  1. momofplenty says:

    Completely agree, i loved the family shows of the 80’s and 90’s.
    TV defiantely is not waht is use to be…I get enough reality right at home.

  2. sabio47 says:

    Reality TV show in todays market taking a big place, and its also effect in childhood. Many parents like to put their kids in the reality show….still confuse how much kids gladly doing this…..!! Hope thier childhood life not effect much….for money and fame…!!

    Pirates of The Caribbean- part7

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