Reality TV is It Just a Game?

On shows such as Survivor and Big Brother you will often hear contestants say It is Just a Game, but is this fair, is it really true, are such reality shows only just games.

There are different types of reality television shows.  On reality shows such as Big Brother and Survivor we often hear of “Game Play” and so forth with contestants reminding themselves and each other that it is “Just a Game”, but is this fair?

Game play typically involves stabbing each other in the back, lying and cheating. This is a part of the strategy many people use to get them to the end to win the prize, often half a million, or a million dollars.

In some cases people who are already wealthy will justify being on the game by saying “This game is not about who needs the money, it is about who plays the game well”. In theory that is correct, the person who plays the game best will get further ahead, except if others vote them off for being a “threat”. The fact that one person has money and another has debt really makes very little difference in the game itself, but in terms of beyond the game it does matter.

Sometimes people in debt got there due to their own foolish spending, greed, and so forth. Other times (particularly in the USA) the debt may be because of health care costs. Some people got rich through hard work, others merely inherited wealth.

But the point is that in the end reality shows such as Big Brother and Survivor should not be seen as being “Just a Game”.

First of all for those with very little money winning half a million dollars, or a million dollars, can be a life changer. Additionally there is a good amount of fame that comes with being on a reality show, how much fame do you get from playing scrabble with your kids? For those who have a lot of money already I suppose it is possible for them to say it is “Just a Game”, a multi-millionaire who wins a half million is not so much affected by the money as he/she is by the win itself.

Reality shows, such as Big Brother and Survivor, are not just games, they are entertainment to the fans, and they are sometimes eye openers about what a person will, or will not do, for money. Does a person do whatever it takes to win? Do they keep their morals?

“Just a Game” is an excuse for cut throat behavior. These shows are competitions, not just games. Now I am not saying that lying and cheating are wrong within the context of the show, bu to be fair, the show is larger than just being a game. The impact of being a winner on such a show can be a life changer.

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    Cut-throat behaviour is RIGHT. I’m not a fan of reality TV. Great article, Mark.

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