Characters on Lost – Claire

A brief analysis of the characters on Lost.


Surviving the plane crash is a very pregnant Claire.  She was on her way to America to give up her baby.  Who she is pregnant for we don’t know in the first seasons.  Nor is her connection to another survivor apparent.

Later we will learn that she is Jack’s half sister. That his father had a relationship with her mother, which was ended.   One assumes that Jack’s mother was somewhat aware of her husband’s double life. Claire was told her father died when she was two, so meeting him she doesn’t know him, nor his name.

Jack winds up in Australia to bring home the body of his father; his father who had spent his last hours in a bar drinking with Sawyer who takes his words, goes out and murders a man he was told is the Sawyer who caused his mother and father to die.

On the island Claire is abducted by Ethan, proving that the ‘Others’ are real. She is retrieved, which will lead to the introduction of other characters.  Charlie loves her, but she doesn’t seem that intrested.

Claire’s character changes over the seasons, and we are never sure who or what she really is.

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