Survivor Philippines: Tribes Deal with Their Leader

Wednesday, September 19, 2012, the first episode of Survivor reality show in the Philippines Island.

On the first episode, I notice that there is a former actress and retired baseball player as well as three former Survivor contestants that had been evacuated during their Survivor season due to some medical condition or accident, among the eighteen contestants on this season. The three former Survivor contestants have a second chance in playing this game, and they have returned as the leaders for the three tribes of the inexperienced and novice contestants. For thirty-one days, eighteen people will battle it out in challenges as well as working with their teammates in order to try to remain in the game longer and become the sole survivor for the million dollar prize.

A tugboat arrives at the Philippines shore, where Jeff Probst is waiting for them. He greets them to welcome them to their new home as well as provide them with their starter-kit.  A small motorboat arrives, and three men step off the boat. He explains that Russell, Jonathan, and Michael will be the leaders for the three tribes. Each team member gets a Survivor bandanna that is either red, blue or yellow, depending on which team they are on. Russell is on the blue team, Jonathan is on the red team, and Michael is on the yellow team. Each leader meets their members, and Michael instantly notices that Lisa Whelchel, who played Blair Warner on Facts of Life as well as she was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, is on his team. The tugboat is loaded with all kinds of supplies. Jeff Probst gives the contestants sixty seconds to grab as much as they can to take with them on their raft. They each scramble around, picking up baskets of fruits, crates of chickens, barrels of food, bags of rice, and other needs, and they go next to a flat bamboo raft. Each group pushes their raft onto the ocean before throwing their supplies overboard and jumping into the ocean after their supplies.  They paddle their raft toward the shore. Their first mission in their Survivor adventure is to set up their camp, build their shelter, and start a campfire.

Day 1: At the Matsing camp, Russell states that there won’t be any leaders in his camp in order to discourage many people fighting to become the leader. They agree to work together as one team. Angie, Russell, Malcolm, and Zane work together on building the shelter with bamboo. Malcolm starts a fire. Angie and Malcolm talk behind Russell’s back and make fun of him because he is already starting to get on their nerves.

Jonathan’s tribe, Kalabaw, arrive at their beach. Jeff hurt himself earlier, and he tries to hide his pain from his teammates so that they don’t think he is weak. The girls are drinking coconut milk from coconuts. An exotic snake is watching them close by. Dana and the others talk about taking out the leader first. As they work on building their shelter, Dana tells them that she was raised in the South, and she was a tomboy when she was young. Jeff, the retired baseball player, tells them that he entered this game as a dare from his friend, as he breaks open some coconuts for his tribe.

Michael’s tribe, Tandang, arrives at the shore. RC and Abi-Maria instantly like each other. They hang out together, getting to know each other and discussing the other people on their tribe. Abi-Maria is originally from Brazil, but she now lives in Los Angeles. They decide to make an alliance together, and Peter joins them. RC asks Michael to join their alliance. Lisa chats with Abi-Maria and RC in the shallow area of the ocean. Later, RC tells Michael and two other members that she doesn’t trust Lisa. At night, Lisa and Michael chat together. The team members aren’t sure about Lisa’s childhood acting and performing career.

Day 2: Denise and Zane chat together. She checks out his tattoos to analyze and read about his life story. Roxy and Angie like Zane. Angie chats with Zane, telling him that she likes him. As Malcolm and Denise talk about Zane, they think that he is stupid, and they decide to make an alliance together. Russell decides to cook some rice. When he reaches inside the bag, he notices a piece of yellowed and scrolled paper inside. Zane watches Russell carefully, noticing that he found the paper with the clue, and he doesn’t trust Russell. He goes up to Russell to ask him if he found the hidden idol. But Russell states that he doesn’t have the idol.

In Tandang, an exotic orange snake watches nearby as Michael works on the shelter. RC notices that Michael has blood on his head, as well as other cuts on his feet and hand. Michael tries to break a coconut, and he cuts himself again. RC asks Michael about his cut, and he tells her that he is OK; he is just klutzy.

In Kalabaw, Katie doesn’t trust Jonathan because he appears to be shady as well as always going on his own, searching the area and looking for the hidden immunity idol. He finally finds a rolled up scroll inside a basket. 

Day 3: The three tribes meet at their first immunity challenge. Jeff Probst explains their obstacle course. They will be tied together in pairs as they run towards the area where the two paddles are located, take the paddles and run towards a small boat, dive to get a chest with puzzle pieces, and solve the puzzle. Each tribe huddles together to decide who does what in this challenge. Then, the first two people from each team run toward the first obstacle, get two paddles, run towards the boat to give the paddles to the next two people on their team. And, the next two people paddle out on the ocean, dive, untie the wooden chest that contains puzzle pieces, place it in their boat, and paddle back to the shore. Then, the last two people from each team put together the big and wooden Lego-like pieces. They appear to be building a tower that gets higher and higher until they add the final piece, which looks like wooden hut. Kalabaw wins the fire kit. Tandang comes in second, and they get immunity and flint. But Matsing will go to tribal council tonight. Russell speaks for his tribe, telling Jeff Probst that his team members didn’t work together very well.

At the Matsing campsite, Russell gives his members a pep-talk. Zane interrupts to tell everyone to vote himself out. Then, Russell tells Angie and Roxy to vote for Zane. Angie is pissed with Russell because he is giving out orders. She tells Roxy that she doesn’t like Russell and she actually enjoys Zane’s company. She talks to Zane, telling him not to give up. Then, Malcolm begs Zane to stay in the game. Angie wants to blindside Russell. Malcolm talks to Denise, telling her that Russell probably already has the hidden idol. As Russell watches everyone scrambling around, he feels that they might vote him out tonight.

At Tribal Council, they each light their torch. Russell mentions that he feels that he blew it, and his members are planning on voting him out. He makes his case, stating that he really wants to remain in the game. He reminds them that Zane originally wanted to be voted out, but the others talked him into staying. Russell votes  for Zane, and Zane votes for Russell. Jeff counts all the votes, and it is between Zane and Russell. Zane is the first person voted out. Jeff gives them flint before they head back to their campsite.

Therefore, these contestants dealing with their leader is similar to people dealing with an authority figure trying to control them. In each tribe, the first-timers try to get to know their leader, as they figure out how they will eventually vote them out. Each leader displayed certain issues or faults that were automatically noticed by their tribal members. The question now is how long will the leaders last in the game?

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