Survivor Redemption Island March30

My take on what happened on survivor this week.

 This week Matt had to battle against Stephanie on Redemption Island in a concentration type challenge. Matt came out on top again and will be waiting for another challenger next week. Back at camp, Dave, who voted to keep Stephanie last week tried to explain his choice, explaining he did it so he could keep the tribe strong. He still is trying to convince the tribe to vote out Sarita, because she is weak in challenges. On the other tribe Philip continues to drive people crazy.

 The immunity challenge was a very physical obstacle course type. It was close, but Rob’s tribe pulled off another win. As a reward they got to go to a live volcano and have a picnic. Rob found the clue to the hidden immunity and because he already has found it threw the clue into the volcano.

 The Zapetera tribe has to decide who to vote out, after losing again this will put the tribe down to 5 people, while the other tribe has 6. In the end the tribe votes out Sarita, hoping this will help them be strong for the next challenge. Sarita goes to Redemption Island, where she will compete next week against Matt.

 I have really grown to like Matt, he is good at challenges, seems like a genuine nice guy. I hope he will get to reenter the game soon. Until next time thanks for reading.

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