I Hate Football

One day in February of 2010 I was waiting for the Amazing Race to start only there was a football game still on. What could I do?

Do you like football?  I DON’T!  Yesterday at around 6:00pm I had my DVR set to record The Amazing Race.  Guess what was still on?  You got it, football.  There was only 2:30 minutes left in the game so I figured I’d just watch the game until it was over so I could begin recording The Amazing Race. NOT! Two and a half minutes in football is not the same as 2:30 minutes in real life

               Houston had the football at the 1 yard line with 4 downs, whatever that means.  Anyway on the first 2 tries of down or whatever, they tried to run the ball right through these huge guys on the other team; I believe they were the Cardinals.  Well they couldn’t make it.  On the 3rd attempt they tried to pass the ball, only the guy who caught it feel out of “line” or something like that. So now they had 1 down left.  You know what they did?  They tried to run the ball through a line of big huge guys again and had someone pushing #22, who had the ball, over the line.  Well the Cardinals had their huge guys pushing #22 back. Obviously, Houston didn’t make it.  Now there’s 10 seconds left in the game, so I’m thinking, “YES! It’s almost over!” I even hear the announcer say that the Cardinals won over Houston 21-28.  Now it’s about 12 minutes after 6, so I’m thinking The Amazing Race will finally be on which will push all the other programs I have set to record twelve minutes later.

               All of a sudden, I hear the announcer talking about sudden death.  What’s that about?  The Cardinals just won!  Wait! Why are they all wearing different color uniforms?  How come their talking about the game being tied 17-17?  NO!  THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!

               Now it’s Denver in a tie match with some other team.  The sudden death match will last fifteen minutes and the first one to score wins.  Fifteen minutes in football could be an hour in real time! ARGH!!!

               Okay, now I’m rooting for the team with the ball.  They get so close but aren’t able to make a toughcown.  The other team now has the ball so I start rooting for them!  Come on!  Well somebody please make a touchdown!  Well, they didn’t make a touchdown either; they made a field goal or something like that.  Finally the game is over 20-17.  Now the Amazing Race will come on.   NOT!  Now they have to show the coach of the winning team give a few of his player a hug and then one of the players comes up and lifts up the coach. After he’s put down he starts searching for the coach of the other team and they shake hands.  WILL YOU PLEASE GET TO THE AMAZING RACE!  By the time all the congratulations are given out The Amazing Race starts at 6:45!


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