Glamorous: “The Celebrity Apprentice” Who are Our Heroes?

What is it about the Vanity Show?

Those who are into glamour and vanity shows are pretty peeked for another of The Celebrity Apprentice cast starting Sunday, February 12. On the cast are Teresa Giudice, Victoria Gotti, Clay Aiken and many others. Donald Trump’s group that includes the former miss universe is going to get busier as usual. 

The selection includes the ”Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice, Pop satrs like Debbie Gibson, Aubrey O’Day and Tia Carrere, models like Cheryl Tiegs and Patricia Velasquez. It is going to be a complete array of vanity display. Yes, as it has always been with the show. 

Another display of vanity and vain glory. And you see who our heroes are, not the fire fighter risking his life to save a cat caught up in fire in some isolated neighborhood. The hero of today’s glamorous culture is no longer the humble father who works in the quarry, coming home with blistered palms and a smile spreading over his face when he watches his kids grow because he knows they would come to no harm. Our hero is no longer the illiterate housemaid who articulates poorly and hums a lullaby only a child can understand, a language only a child is meant to understand.

The things that kill our time are vain; they are shows like the “The Celebrity Apprentice” that poorly articulate the idea of beauty and elegance. When I happen to watch some of these shows, I feel an itch in my heart. Our modern culture is losing a lot: we are looking for exciting things, but the real excitement is somewhere else. The real beauty isn’t in the make up and feigned elegance we watch on the shows. It is in the clumsiness of the wife who changes your life with the barely perceptible gestures of tenderness. 

As I wait to watch the drama on stage, I am wondering when the world will know authenticity and acknowledge beauty for what it is. Aren’t we tired of dolls yet? Can’t there be something more realistic than the make up on vanity shows?

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